USA Men Fall for second time to Bloemendaal

Feb. 20, 2011, 10:57 p.m. (ET)

CHULA VISTA, CA – For the second day in a row the talented Bloemendaal HC defeated the USA, 7-2. The team was pleased with the improvements made from yesterday’s match, however, still find many areas on the field that need improvement.

“Though the score line was relatively the same, the performance was certainly better, especially in the first half,” said Nick Conway, Head Coach. “The key for us is to learn how to extend those good periods, so we can remain competitive against quality opposition and be successful come October at the Pan American Games.”

The USA came out with more confidence and kept the game very close throughout the first half.  Bloemendaal was forced throughout the game to show top tier levels of skill due to the defensive pressure from the USA backfield. Bloemendaal only led USA 1-0 going into halftime.

Though Bloemendaal would dominate the second half with six goals, the USA was able to find the net as well. Will Holt (Camarillo, CA) scored on a penalty corner in the forty-ninth minute, the same shot that resulted in a goal in yesterday’s match. Paulie Kundi (Glendora, CA) deflected a reverse stick pass in the sixty-first minute to score USA’s second goal of the game.

Bloemendaal’s ability to create and convert scoring opportunities gave them the advantage over the United States.  They won the penalty corner battle by a 7-4 margin.

“Our defense played pretty well overall today and we’re just continuing to build a platform that we can use to be successful in the future,” said Sean Harris.

The USA continues with the series as they take on France on Tuesday, February 22nd. The schedule for the remaining matches in the series is listed below with all times in local PT.

·         February 22, USA vs. France at 1:00pm 

·         February 23, USA vs. France at 1:00pm 

·         February 26, USA vs. Canada at 10:00am 

·         February 27, USA vs. Canada at 8:00am

USA Roster: Jon Ginolfi (Moorpark, CA); Kevin Barber (Camarillo, CA); Jarred Martin (Durham, NC); Steve Mann (Berlin, Germany); Ian Scally (Thousand Oaks, CA); Pat Cota (Palo Alto, CA); Will Holt (Camarillo, CA); Shawn Nakamura (Thousand Oaks, CA); Jed Cunningham (Moorpark, CA); Sean Harris (Moorpark, CA); Arjan Reyatt (San Jose, CA); Tom Sheridan (New York, New York); Liam Walsh (Rockport, WA); Ajai Dhadwal (Agoura, CA); Paulie Kundi (Glendora, CA); Tyler Sundeen (Simi Valley, CA); Elliott Seleska (Chelmsford, England); Tom Staddon (London, England); Kevin Segeren (Voorschoten, Holland)