A Solid Start

Feb. 09, 2011, 7:32 a.m. (ET)

After two recovery days in Poznan with an hour’s light practice on each day, Tuesday brought the beginning of the Indoor World Cup.  The USA Men opened the tournament on the main court with a match against Russia, who placed second at the last European Championships.  A half-time score line of 1-3 had the USA very much in the game, with the USA’s goal coming from a string of good passes, finishing with Pat Harris rebounding his brother Sean’s shot.  However, some defensive confusion after the restart saw the Russians extend their lead.  Two further goals put the USA behind 1-6.  Regrouping after a time out in the 28th minute, the USA denied the Russians any more goals and got one back in the last minute when Tim Krauss picked off a pass, ran through and beat the advancing Goalie. 

The team reflected during the evening on the small adjustments that may help make the difference in the games to come.  Tomorrow will be a long day with a 7.30 breakfast before a 10am game against the European Champions, Austria.  The USA then resumes at 4.15pm against England who are firmly among the top teams in outdoor hockey and have invested considerable efforts in recent years to produce results in the indoor game.

It is great to have friends and family in the stands cheering for the USA.  Tom and Karen Harris, Dave and Elaine Harris, Bob and Sandy Hindy, and Ed were there for the Russia game and more are flying in during the next few days.

The USA indoor team on tour is Kevin Segeren, Jason Wellings, Christoph Winter, Rob Schilling, Tim Krauss, Moritz Runzi, Pat Harris, Steve Mann, Sean Harris, Steve Danielson, Shawn Hindy and Pat Cota.  Nigel Traverso is the manager, Brian Brata of Michigan State University is the athletic trainer, Marijn Petermeijer is the video analyst/assistant coach and Peter Jones is the Head Coach.  Also assisting the team in Poznan is Goalie Coach Heiko Milz of Magic Goalies.

The USA Indoor program is grateful to the USAFH, USFHF and the USA Men’s Field Hockey Foundation for supporting its Indoor World Cup preparations and participation and to Asics for outfitting the team.