Panthers Defeat Suns in Asics League

Feb. 06, 2011, 3:16 p.m. (ET)

Yesterday in the ASICS league, the Pacific Beach Panthers took on the Point Loma Suns. At the twenty-third minute Rachel Dawson scored the first goal of the game for the Panthers.  Dawson was salivating on the far post where she was able to tap a cross ball in. The Panthers struck again with four minutes to go in the first half, when Andrea Miller, a high school and Rush Club player, found the back of the cage. Going into half time the Panthers lead the Suns 2-0.

The second half had some exciting action. At the twenty-eighth minute mark, Dawson received a green card for playing within the five meter mark, leaving the Panthers a man down for two minutes. The Suns immediately put full pressure on a sixteen yard free hit for the Panther’s. With risk came reward. Suns player Shannon Taylor intercepted a ball at the top of the dotted circle, walked the ball into the circle and crushed the ball past the Panther’s goalkeeper, Kelly Driscoll. Shortly thereafter, two more players, one from each team, received cards for playing within the five meter area. Despite playing with ten players, both teams brought more pressure. However, both were unsuccessful in converting their corners. With fourteen minutes remaining, Panthers Nick Conway ripped an open field shot past Suns goalkeeper, Jackie Kintzer. As time wound down, the Suns gave one last push into the circle, but the strong Panther defense came up with the ball and were able to possess it until time expired.  The Panthers recorded their second win of the year with a 3-1 victory.

In the two games thus far, a futures elite player has scored a goal.   

“I think it is pretty special how there are all levels of players competing together,” said Torrie Albini, National Team Player.

Even with the different levels of skill each player has been valued and has grown from their experience in the ASICS League.

With the Women’s National Team heading to Argentina for the Four Nations Tournament, the next ASICS league game will be February 26, at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. The Coronado Islanders will take on the Point Loma Suns at noon.



PBP Rachel Dawson 11:19

PBP Andrea Miller 32:10

PLS Shannon Taylor 42:05

PBP Nick Conway 55:43

Green Cards:

Paige Selenski 10 50

Rachel Dawson 41:40

Sam Bodimeade 50:42

Yellow Card

Pam Spuehler 51:30


Point Loma Suns: Paige Selenski, Michelle Vittese, Lee Bodimeade, Sam Bodimeade, Bri Davis, Sophie Edelman, Jessica Javelet, Jamie Garcia, Shannon Taylor, Michelle Kasold, Caitli Mackey, Keenan Battaglia, Jackie Kintzer (GK), Leonard Abshier, Lauren Crandall and Billy Baver

Pacific Beach Panthers: Mel Brill, Caroline Nichols, Katie O’Donnell, Kelly Driscoll, Pam Spuehler, Rachel Dawson, Katie Evans, Myles Dalton-Steinhardt, Andrea Miller, Kayler Brown, Manny Martinez, Nick Conway, Hannah Bettencourt, Molly Bettencourt, Joe Wagstaffe, and Mario Montes

Technical Director: Sandy Martinez