USA U20 down two in series against Argentina

Aug. 11, 2011, 10:50 a.m. (ET)

When match two of the five game series began, everything seemed pretty level between the two squads. The flow of the game surged up and down the field in both directions as first one side and then the other threatened.  Each side had scoring and short corner opportunities, but no one could break the ice. 

At minute eighteen, the back four of the USA side missed the Argentine right striker, who slashed in behind them, and in the ensuing havoc, Argentina scored. The USA side quickly restarted and within minutes their front end pressure earned them a turnover. The ball was hammered in from the top of the circle and deflected into the net by Amrit Beaty.

With just over twelve minutes left, Moritz Runzi was green carded, after a lengthy discussion. The shortage signaled the start of an Argentina surge, and for the next 5 minutes they controlled the match, and threatened to score. But the USA side held firm, and reflecting the tied score, play once again surged back and forth across the pitch, with neither side gaining or giving an advantage. 

With two minutes left in the half, USA won a short corner. With the clock winding down, Johnny Orozco lashed the ball at the goal, but it hit the goal post and bounced back into the circle. During the scuffle for possession, Argentina collected the ball, and quickly started a counter attack.  USA, who had just missed scoring now found themselves under serious attack, and were relieved when the buzzer rang moments later. 

During the first ten minutes of the second half, both sides struggled to gain control of the match, but
neither could pull away. Then on a turnover in the mid-field, Ranveer Kundi tracked forward, drawing defenders to him, as Christian Linney executed a slashing run to enter the circle on the 45, just as the ball was released to him. He then slipped a backhand shot past the charging goalie and found the net at the far post. 

With the score at USA 2, Argentina 1, USA found themselves up for the first time in the series. But, the advantage was to be short lived, when two minutes later Argentina scored on a short corner to tie it at 2 each. 

Two minutes later, Argentina counter attacked, and similar to their first goal the right striker slashed in behind the defenders, and on a hard pass to the far post, tucked the ball into the goal. In the next ten minutes Argentina put up two more scores to ice the game.  The remaining 20 minutes of the match resembled how it all started, but there was little drama in it, since the outcome was already settled. Final score Argentina 5, USA 2.

Goals: Ag Nicolas Cicileo; USA Amrit Beaty; USA Christian Linney; Ag Isidoro Ivarra 2; Ag ; Ag Joaquin Cohelo.