Tik Tok - USA Style

April 25, 2011, 10:18 a.m. (ET)

Wake up in the morning, feeling hungry for food

Grab our breakfast, were out the door, we’ve got to spike our hearts

Before we leave, get our jolt, with a cup of starbucks

Cause when we leave for the match, we gonna win back to back

Were talking turf shoes on our feet, feet

Braids and buns in our hair, hair

Chile is shaking in their knees, knees

As we dougie and jerk, playing our fav CD’s

Pulling up to the turf field

Maxine is getting a little bit tipy (on goals)

We didn’t stop, even though

Refs blew the game away

Today, we fought

Til’ we saw the victory

Tik tok on the clock

As we came back from behind, go go go goaallll, go go go goaalll              

We won the game 4-3.  It was an exciting match as we came back from behind.  We scored first and then Chile answered quickly with a goal.  Then to the end the half, we scored again to lead 2-1 going into halftime.  Chile scored two quick goals in the beginning of the second half, but we finished them off scoring two more before time ran out!

Goal 1: Chrissy to Maxine

Goal 2: Nikki

Goal 3: Maxine

Goal 4: Corner deflection by Maxine from Kelsey

Love ya, Maxine Fluharty and Hannah Barreca


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