The Tourney Begins

April 25, 2011, 10:24 a.m. (ET)

Today is our first day of tournament play. We started off the day as usual with sandwiches, bread, and cereal for breakfast!!! Then we began to prepare for our day consisting of five, 25 minute games. We were really excited to show our progress and represent our country on the pitch.

Our first game was against an elite district team from South Holland. We showed great intensity and was able to score in the first minute, which helped us secure our first win in the tournament. In between games we participated in a shoot-out competition in which three of our players advanced to the next round. We played a French team next where we were able to secure a decisive win over our competition.

The next two games we played well but came up short with two losses. After identifying our weaknesses and mistakes in the previous two games we were able to capitalize and finish the day with a win over a German elite team. We were definitely excited for dinner after a long day of hockey. Everyone enjoyed the pasta and salad that the hostel offered!

At night we had a opportunity to interact with other teams at the dance! It was a lot of fun to spend time with the girls and enjoy the music and culture of another country. The DJ played a lot of familiar American songs along with a lot of foreign techno songs. It was funny to see the dance styles of other countries and their "fist-pumping" skills. Tomorrow we look forward to a great day of hockey and more Holland culture!!!!

Debi-Michelle Jantzen, Delaney Leathers, and Alyssa Manley