Day four in Santiago

April 23, 2011, 6:32 p.m. (ET)

What’s up USA?! Its day four here in Santiago and we had our second game against the Chileans. The day started off with our usual breakfast. Post breakfast we went on a heart spike with one of our amazing coaches Pamilla (Pamela Bustin). Next we had our pre-game meeting in Max and Hannah’s room with the help of speedy the turtle (to adjust the projector).

We drove up to one of the higher points of Santiago, only getting lost once, to our game. At half time, Pamilla used her innovation to quickly make a field hockey board out of the locker room wall. After a slow first half, we had a set of inspirational speeches from Pamilla, La-La (Carla Tagliente), and Aunt Shirley (Kristen Holmes-Winn) to get us back into the game. We took the field with a new attitude and in return came out with a win.

After a delicious sandwich we traveled back to the hotel for debrief, dinner and pizza (courtesy of Carla-la)! As we enjoyed our pizza a few of us learned the floor routines of ex-gymnasts Hannah and Katie, which, naturally, we perfected. Some of the others skyped with their friends and family who got a big hello from C. Tag and P. Mills.

 Upstairs, the hydration station got started with gallons of water being consumed. Got to stay hydrated! Go USA! I Love you MOM and DAD, 

Emily and Adrianna xoxo