Peaches and Cream

April 21, 2011, 12:03 a.m. (ET)

Our third day in Chile began with breakfast.  After breakfast we were scheduled to have a team meeting, but unfortunately the meeting was postponed.  Now the meetings are going to be held in Hannah and Max’s room. 

We then had a tour around the city and visited the highest point in Santiago.  Since there were no volunteers to walk up the hiking trail with the coaches, we all remained on the bus and rode up.  We stopped at a few places to take some pictures of the scenery around us.  We also saw a class of boys that were yelling to us saying, “I love you!  You’re so beautiful!” among other things. After waiting for the coaches to finish their hike, we proceeded back to the hotel for lunch, a meeting, and training. 

At training today we focused on recovery lines and communication.  But before we could focus on anything, we played a round of hockey tennis with a stray tennis ball we picked up on the way because we seemed to forget a major part in the game of field hockey: the balls.  Now we have a schedule to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  When practice finally started, it was very intense and we received a lot of information.  Hopefully it will show in the game tomorrow! 

After practice, we were able to have some time to ourselves before dinner.  Dessert was very good tonight.  We had some peaches and whipped cream and will definitely be brought back with us to the US so we can eat it again.  We are looking forward to our game tomorrow so we can work out some of the kinks from the first game!


Taylor West (#4) and Chrissy Davidson  (#2)