USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of October 25, 2010

Oct. 26, 2010, 11:17 a.m. (ET)


Week of October 25, 2010



FIH Elections Approach
 In mid-November, several USA Field Hockey representatives will travel to Switzerland to attend the FIH Congress. The Congress has delegates from all the countries who compete on the world stage, and there is a significant election taking place this year. Three prominent people within USA Field Hockey have been nominated to positions within the international governing body. Terry Walsh, USA Field Hockey Technical Director of High Performance, is running for a seat on the FIH High Performance Committee. Aaron Sher, long time USA Field Hockey and FIH principal will be running for a position on the FIH Communication Committee, and Pam Stuper, USA Field Hockey Board of Directors member, head field hockey coach for Yale University and former USA Field Hockey National Team member is running for a seat on the Executive Council. This item was mentioned a number of weeks ago, and the election is tightening up as the selection date approaches. It is interesting within international politic the subtleties of politicking. We are certainly respectful of this process, and are preparing for the election date through a number of genteel moves. We will report the outcome of this important selection process on several USA Field Hockey communication platforms once complete as it is quite important that through elections the USA has proper representation at the international level. Our candidates are superb nominees.


Our USA Field Hockey Marketing Team has been busy penetrating the mainstream media.
Last week we heard from the producer’s of Jeopardy, the long running network television program. They said:

Thank you for your assistance with our request to develop a clue regarding the sport of field hockey for the television program "Jeopardy!". I'm happy to inform you that the clue was used and is scheduled to air on November 15, 2010.  Please be sure to tune in, along with 9 million viewers, to watch "Jeopardy!".

While a clue within the show Jeopardy may sound minor, it isn’t. One of the keys to developing the sport is to get the words ‘Field Hockey’ into the vernacular of the mainstream media. This means not just once, but numerous times (likely hundreds) so the name of the sport is widely known (like baseball, basketball, and football). Our marketing group is fully aware of that need and will continue to work  toward placements in mainstream publications and other media platforms that are not necessarily sports’ related. Sports’ platforms are often virtually impossible to attain space as in the USA the focus is on the already well known mainstream sports.




2011 Club Development within USA Field Hockey. Clubs are a big deal in USA Field Hockey and in most other sports. They truly hold the future for development in this sport. Next year we will be introducing a number of new opportunities in the club realm. They are great additions, and come with some valued lift for club protection. Here is the good news: In 2011, there will be a ‘club’ membership, and we are improving the insurance to cover all club activities whether the activities are under the USA Field Hockey banner or not (i.e. events beyond participating in USA Field Hockey owned and sanctioned events like practices, skill tests, parties, et cetera). It is a pretty comprehensive addition to your insurance protection, and, in light of the litigious society we live, a benefit you will value (especially when and if a claim ever comes along). In addition, we are providing, exclusively to clubs, the curriculum for Stick Starz and Turf Tykes, both highly professional programs designed for athletes from 8-12 years old. All members will receive newly designed USA Field Hockey membership cards and will receive Field Hockey News four times per year. Field Hockey News is the only hockey related magazine in the USA, and is going through a redesign structured to appeal to our membership. Field Hockey News will also soon be available electronically. These are truly important improvements for clubs. There will be a requirement, a requirement that was in place last year, but apparently not enforced. All members of USA Field Hockey clubs must also be members of USA Field Hockey. The reasoning is that insurance must be paid through memberships and the all important insurance waiver forms must be signed.  

Throughout the USA, there are 228 clubs listed as club members. Clubs not only provide opportunities to play, but are huge social drivers and help people develop strong characters and relationships. Let us know if we can help you enhance your existing club or give you advice on how to get underway in establishing a club.

Groucho Marx: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

Actually Groucho said that tongue in cheek. He would gladly join any hockey club were he alive today.

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (from the archives): ‘This morning in Los Angeles, more than 100 truck-drivers staged a protest by intentionally driving their trucks super slowly on the freeway. This created the worst traffic jam in Los Angeles since yesterday morning.’

Have a great week!


Steve Locke

Executive Director

USA Field Hockey