Umpire at NIT Qualifiers

Oct. 21, 2010, 10:32 p.m. (ET)

Umpires needed to work Indoor Qualifiers

Below is a listing of the Indoor Qualifiers along with the Umpire Managers appointed to manage the event.  Interested umpires should email the Umpire Managers appointed to the event you would like to umpire indicating interest in working the event.   Please include your current rating when contacting the Umpire Manager.   Umpire managers will work directly with the umpires who have contacted them.  Umpire appointments will be made as qualified umpires express interest.  Check your calendars and sign up soon to ensure an event appointment.

A criterion for umpiring is as follows:

For the U19 Qualifiers preference will be given to highest ranking umpires who apply. Minimum certification requirement is Level I.

For the U16 Qualifiers preference will be given to highest ranking umpires who apply. For U16's the Umpire Managers may accept applications from umpires recommended for Level I certification.

U19 Indoor Qualifier Umpire Managers

Val Pinhey                            Dec. 18 & 19       Richmond, VA 

Pat Yeager                         Dec. 19             State College, PA

Deb Martin                   Dec. 27              York, PA          

Val Pinhey                             Jan. 2                 Rockville, MD

Sue McHenry                       Jan. 8                 S. Hadley, MA

Lois Pinto                  Jan. 9                   Scranton, PA

Amrit Kohli                  Jan. 15                 Feasterville, PA

Sue McHenry                       Jan. 16               Loudonville, NY

Renee’Zelkin        Jan. 16                 Fairfax, VA

Dean Wenrich                          Jan. 22              Millersville, PA

MS Christopher         Jan. 23                Parkerford, PA

Tom Hobbs         Jan. 23                 Louisville, KY

Tom Moore                 Jan 23                 Collegeville, PA

Jody Field          Jan 29 & 30          Wexford, PA

MS Christopher         Jan. 30                St. Louis, MO

U16 Qualifiers Umpire Managers         

Val Pinhey                            Dec. 18 & 19      Richmond, VA

Pat Yeager                         Jan. 2                State College, PA

Sue McHenry                       Jan. 9                 So. Hadley, MA

Sue McHenry                       Jan. 15               Loudonville, NY

Dean Wenrich                         Jan. 16               Parkerford, PA

Amrit Kohli                   Jan. 16                 Feasterville, PA

Dean Wenrich                          Jan. 23               Millersville, PA 

Becky Rafferty                    Jan. 29                 Rockville, MD

Tom Moore                Jan. 30                  Collegeville, PA

Becky Rafferty                    Jan. 30                 Fairfax, VA

National Indoor Tournament

U19 Girls and Boys       March 4 – 6, 2010        Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond VA

U14 & U19 Girls            March 11-13, 2010       Virginia Beach Convention Center