Executive Director's Report- Week of May 17

May 17, 2010, 1:42 p.m. (ET)

Executive Director's Report - Week of May 17

Posted: May 18, 2010

By Steve Locke

The contest for designing the potential upcoming 2011 USA Field Hockey membership card has been a blast. Budding artists submitted forty-two entries. They were mostly great submissions (well, some were a little suspect, but it is all in the eye of the beholder). Our august judging panel had a tough time choosing the top design, especially in light of the top shelf prizes from USA Field Hockey sponsor-partners of a DITA stick and a full kit from ASICS for the winner.

However, after a fair amount of time in focused deliberation, Simon Hoskins, USA Field Hockey Marketing Director,  Katie Evans, member of the USA Field Hockey National Women’s Team, Jon Ginolfi, member of the USA Field Hockey Men’s National Team, and David Miller, USA Field Hockey Membership Director choose the winner. Here it is:


Benita Bulle of Lincoln, Nebraska, designed the card. The artwork has interesting ingredients that artistically point to team, fun, and tinges of the American flag wrapped all about. It does not only represent an order of elite athletes, but the vastly larger all-inclusive group of athletes who pursue the sport for the fun of it. Benita, terrific job.  Your prizes are being sent via UPS. Thanks to everyone else for the time you devoted in designing cards. This was a fun contest and we will do more as time goes on.

Now, here is some more good news. USA Field Hockey, through its sponsor-partners CranBerry, Penn Monto, and DITA, is extending the deadline to submit grant requests for hockey equipment for new or existing hockey programs. The new deadline is next Monday, May 24, 2010. Here is the scoop:

Basic Info on USA Field Hockey Equipment Grant Program:

·         The goal of USA Field Hockey Equipment Grant Program is to assist new and existing programs that receive little financial support.

·         Grants can be awarded for sticks, balls, and even goalie equipment.

·         All applications must be postmarked  by May 24, 2010.

·         Sponsors are CranBarry, Dita, Penn Monto, and 4U Field Hockey whose generous support of the Equipment Grant program plays a key role is helping USA Field Hockey help grow the sport.


The link to apply is http://www.usfieldhockey.com/futures/development/2010-Equipment-Grant-Application.pdf

Sunday I traveled back from Washington, DC, and American University, the site of the still ongoing five game test series between the USA and Argentina (free admission; a great chance to see high level field hockey). Many thanks go to the folks in DC for staging the Argentina/USA series. The facility is spectacular and the women are playing with great intensity. While the scores may not be what we want thus far, Lee Bodimeade, USA Field Hockey’s Women’s National Team Coach, and Steve Jennings, USA Field Hockey National Women’s Team Associate Coach, are making adjustments and providing prime experience for some of the new athletes on the team. It is a test series, and a lot of tuning up and testing is taking place on both sides.

Beyond the field of play, our athletes are making a huge positive impression with spectators, especially many young girls in the audience watching the competitions. After each game, a signing session with posters of the team is held so young girls and others can meet and get autographs from their heroes. What does Master Card say?: “Admission into the USA/Argentine series is free, but, getting autographs and meeting USA Field Hockey athletes is priceless!”

The series continues with a game tonight at 6PM, and wraps up at American University with a 4:30 PM game on Wednesday.

From the Late Show with David Letterman: This oil spill in the Gulf is affecting everybody. In fact, when I went to lunch this weekend and ordered the sea bass, they asked if I wanted it regular or unleaded.”

And from last Friday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: “This week is the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill. At least, I’m like, 99 percent sure it is.”