USA vs Netherlands - Game Two

Jan. 28, 2010, 4:35 p.m. (ET)

CHULA VISTA, CA - The USA Field Hockey Women's National Team fell to the Netherlands, 4-1, today at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. Carrie Lingo scored for the USA.

The 2008 Olympic gold medal winners, the Netherlands are the number one field hockey team in the world and a good opportunity to gauge the growth of the U.S. team as they prepare for the 2010 AtaHolding Women's World Cup Qualifier in March.

"I'm pleased with the step we made from the first game to today," said Bodimeade. "Especially in the first half, we were able to control the game for longer time and exert more pressure."

"It went well," said team captain Carrie Lingo. "We took a step forward as a group today. I think the group collectively really stepped up and put pressure on the Dutch."
As Olympic champions, the Dutch displayed their skill early - Naomi Van As scored the first goal within the first 40 seconds and looked to dominate play. But the Americans were not discouraged.

"Actually, I think that helped fuel our fire," said Lingo with a laugh.

The USA scored a goal of their own in the 17th minute to level the game. A penalty corner blast from Rachel Dawson was stopped by the Dutch goalkeeper, but Carrie Lingo was able to swat the ball out of the air into the goal.

"Rachel had a beautiful strike on goal, and the deflection came right to me," said Lingo.

"Against the world number one, it's difficult to find yourself behind early," said Bodimeade. "But I was pleased with how we settled and how we got on without game after that. If you're going to allow a goal, it's better to allow it in the first minute and not in the 69th minute."

The American offense provided more scoring chances and challenged the Dutch defense through the second half. Sarah Dawson, Michelle Kasold and Katie O'Donnell created opportunities late in the game for the USA.

"The attacking line stepped up and they set the tone for the entire defensive structure," said Lingo.

The Dutch style of play is methodically structured and notoriously relentless. Rough and tumble play was present throughout, including an incident where a diving Kayla Bashore took a defender's stick to face, chipping one of her front teeth.

"I went to shoot, and the defender came through me with her stick," Bashore said. She shook off any ill effects. "It didn't really hurt."

Kim Lammers and Maartje Paumen also scored for the Dutch. Eva de Goede added a fourth goal on a penalty corner as time expired for a 4-1 final score.

"We paid for a couple opportunities at the end that took the shine off a much better performance," said Bodimeade.

"I thought it was an improvement," said USA Field Hockey Technical Director of High Performance Terry Walsh. "There was much better tactical awareness. We put the Dutch under pressure a fair amount. But we gave up a couple of careless goals. There was a much better build to the front line. What was going on in the midfield was better. We were able to apply much more consistent pressure."

In the end, the match serves as preparation for the AtaHolding Women's World Cup Qualifier in March.

"We have clear objectives set for the Qualifier," said Bodimeade.

NED - Naomi Van As - 1' (FG)
USA - Carrie Lingo - 17' (PC)
NED - Lammers - 21' (FG)
NED - Paumen - 54' (PC)
NED - De Goede - 70' (PC)
The USA faces China on Friday, January 29. Tomorrow features a contest between the Netherlands and China, a rematch of the 2008 Olympic Games final.