USA Men vs Canada

Feb. 08, 2010, 8:02 p.m. (ET)

Game Four

Canada 2, USA 1

Scoring Summary:
23' - CAN - Mark Pearson, FG
33' - CAN - Mark Pearson, FG
61' - USA - Jon Ginolfi, PG

A tough game for the USA.  The Men really pressured in the last ten minutes and had a couple of good opportunities and corners. Jon Ginolfi's goal was a great hesitation move where he faked the swing, causing the Canadian defense to hesitate and then he lifted it to the top corner. The Americans held the penalty corner edge 4-1 over Canada, but unfortunately only converted one. The Americans ended this game on a positive note by outplaying a tough and prepared Canadian team who is participating in the World Cup in India next week.

"We're in a position where we are extremely frustrated to not have achieved a result in this test match," said Head Coach Nick Conway. "However, we have to look at that from a positive perspective given where we are in our training phase. To have created so many chances towards the end of the match is very pleasing and now we must focus our efforts on improving our physiology and becoming more threatening in the final third and in our penalty corner game. The difference ultimately today was that the Canadians were more opportunistic with the chances that they were able to create. Overall, I'm really encouraged and look forward to our continued growth over the next period."



Game Three

Canada 3, USA 1

Scoring Summary:
35' - CAN - Scott Tupper, PC
55' - CAN - Wayne Fernandes, PC
58' - CAN - Taylor Curran, FG
68' - USA - Pauly Kundi, FC

Game Statistics:
25 Entry: CAN 27 / USA 24
Circle Entry: CAN 15 / USA 14
Goal Shots: CAN 6 / USA 6
Penalty Corner: CAN 3 / USA 5
Goals: CAN 3 / USA 1

"I'm really encouraged by where we are at in our current training phase," said Head Coach Nick Conway. "Unfortunately, we lost today's match in the final execution of penalty corners.  Canada were extremely proficient in this area and we lack sharpness both on attack and defensive corners. However, that aside we were more than competitive with a side that is a few days away from playing in a World Cup.  If we can continue to develop we are in a good spot despite the frustration of losing these close contests.  If we can persist, I'm confident that we can break through this frustration and get some real return for our efforts. Who knows that might be tomorrow if we continue to work hard in the areas that are proving fruitful for us at the moment."



Game Two

Canada 3, USA 0


Game report by Tjerk van Herwaarden

In less then 24 hours the 2nd match between the USA and Canada took place! Due to the rain on saturday game 2 was played on monday morning 10am.

The start of the game was similar to the 1st half that was played yesterday! Canada had most of the possession but the USA stayed very disciplined and in the structure that made it very difficult for Canada to find options in their front field! Both teams we more careful with giving away unnecessary turnovers and so circle penetrations were rare in the first half. While Canada had the most of the possession the first real goal scoring chances were for the USA.

It was Canada who opened the score midway through the first half on a well executed corner. A low flick to the left was unstoppable for the USA corner defense. Even with the 1-0 score the USA kept playing organized and that resulted in a few good circle penetrations before the half was over! One of them had to be stopped by a Canada foul, the stoke that followed, taken by Sean Harris, hit the post.

The 2nd half started with a different Canada, the pace of the game increased and the USA had to make some changes to get the control back over the game. Canada kept playing with a high pace and small mistakes in the USA defense were punished! It eventually resulted in a good build through the midfield by Canada and a open striker found the goal, 2-0. A Canada stroke minutes later was stopped by Tom Sheridan.

Even with a 2-0 deficit the USA kept playing like in the first half, organized and with poise. A few very good builds let to some good attacking plays towards the Canadian circle but their defense seemed on their toes and did not allow much.

Towards the end of the 2nd half USA midfielder Steve Mann was sent off with a yellow card! In this period of being outnumbered it was organization that held the USA team within the game and even game the USA some opportunities. Canada was not able to use the man up situation to increase their lead.

A 3rd goal did fall late in the second half after a small mistake in the USA Defense, a close range shot ended up in the goal. Final result Canada 3 , USA 0.

Both teams will now resume training this week and be back in game action next saturday at 11am.

Final 3-0 Canada
CAN, 26th min, 4(Scott Tupper), Penalty corner, 1-0
CAN, 39th min, 3(Philip Wright), Field goal, 2-0
CAN, 69th min, 12(Dave Jameson), Field goal, 3-0


Game One

USA v CanadaCanada 2, USA 0

Game report by Tjerk van Herwaarden


The saturday match between the USA and Canada was cancelled due to a flooded field in Chula Vista. Today, sunday the field looked much better and the game was on.

Canada, in preparation for the World Cup in India starting in three weeks, looked timid in the start of the game. Both teams were definitely trying to see who was going to determine the pace of the game. The USA started very disciplined and organized! Canada seems to have some trouble getting through the USA structure which leaded in a few turnovers on the Canadian half! Midway the first half these turnovers gave USA the first opportunities with 2 chances and 2 awarded penalty corners. None of them successful.
After these opportunities for the USA, it was Canada that created some goal scoring opportunities and after a mis trapped ball in the USA circle a quick Canada shot ended up behind Tom Sheridan, the USA goalkeeper, whose view was blocked on the shot. A few more penalty corners for USA later in the 1 half did not result in the so much deserved goal to tie the game at the half.

In the 2nd half the USA started strong and create a few great attacking plays which ended up close to the circle by good tackles by Canada. While both teams stayed very well in their structures not a lot of chances were created by either team! Midway the 2nd half fatigue started to play a role and the USA saw a few costly turnovers. None of the turnovers leaded directly into goals against but it did cost a lot of energy. Towards the end it was Canada that accelerated through the midfield and found an open forward on the endline, 2-0. An late push by USA led to a great circle entry by Jon Ginolfi but his shot went wide.

Canada took the first game 2-0! Tomorrow morning 10am the 2nd game will take place.


Scoring Summary:
CAN - Keegan Pereira, 17' - FG
CAN - Dave Jameson, 56' - FG

The Men's National Team welcomes 2009 Pan American Cup champion Canada to Chula Vista for a four game series.

Saturday's game has been canceled due to rain. The match has been tentatively rescheduled for Monday with time to be announced.

Sunday, Feb 7th - 12:00pm
Monday, Feb 8th - TBA
Saturday, Feb 13th - 11:00am
Sunday, Feb 14th - 8:00am