2011 Indoor Briefing -- A Great Success

Dec. 23, 2010, 10 a.m. (ET)

On December 11, 2010, USA Field Hockey conducted the national briefing for the 2011 Rules of Indoor Hockey. The briefing, which was recorded by Flying Fish Productions, was held at The Training Center in Spring City, PA. In attendance were certified indoor umpires, outdoor umpires interested in becoming indoor certified, some players who are interested in becoming umpires, and a number of coaches. In total, the seventy-five people who attended the briefing were from eight states (CT, DE, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA and VA).

Indoor Briefing  2011  022

Conducted by Steve Horgan, our nation's rules interpreter, the briefing was a lively discussion surrounding the 2011 Rules of Indoor Hockey and the expectations USA Field Hockey has for it's umpires, coaches and players during games. Horgan has been giving the indoor and outdoor briefings for the past several years. He is trained by international umpire manager experts from the International Hockey Federation (FIH), continues to keep a line of communication open with the international authorities on the rules and management of umpires, and is responsible for answering the questions published in USA Field Hockey's popular Ask The Umpire feature on USAFieldHockey.com.

Horgan said, "It was great to see the room filled with familiar and so many new faces. Being able to present the briefing with those participating in the umpire manager training in attendance will prove to be helpful to all involved."

Among the new faces was Rachel Leszkowicz, a 17 year old high school student and goalkeeper who is looking forward to her first opportunity to umpire. "I really enjoyed getting to sit in a room with a bunch of people who are way more knowledgeable about the game of field hockey then I am," said Leszkowicz. "It was a great experience and not only did it help me learn the new rules for officiating but also helped me so I can apply them to when I am playing." 

Laura Darling, USA Field Hockey's Managing Director of Olympic and Athlete Development, said, "Genuine thanks go Richard and Jun Kentwell, owners of The Training Center, for donating the use of the meeting room, and Christopher Lincoln from Flying Fish Productions for donating his time to properly video the briefing for posting on our web site, and Steve Horgan for once again donating his time, efforts, and passion to the sport." 

Darling concluded by saying, "In an effort to prepare for the upcoming 2011 Indoor season and to greater enhance the level of consistency we have, we hope the remaining of our indoor hockey community of coaches, players and umpires take the time to view the briefing when it becomes available online." 

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