USA Field Hockey Announces Strategic Plan

Dec. 15, 2010, 4:42 p.m. (ET)

USA Field Hockey Announces Strategic Plan

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December 15, 2010

USA Field Hockey Announces Strategic Plan

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – USA Field Hockey’s 2011-2020 Long Term Strategic Plan was announced today. Developed by the Board of Directors, the Strategic Plan will help guide USA Field Hockey over the next nine years and place USA Field Hockey in a position of prominence, innovation and influence. Final approval of the plan was given at the Board of Directors meeting held in Phoenix, Arizona over Thanksgiving weekend.

Through member surveys and a series of Town Hall meetings attended by members, athletes, parents, coaches and officials, the apparent needs and wants of the Association were consistently communicated. Considering the mission of USA Field Hockey, the ambitious direction of the long-term strategic plan prioritizes three fundamental objectives: Supporting the Promise for High Performance excellence, cultivating infinite Possibility within our sport, culturally and financially, and sustaining our Future with an investment in developing umpires and coaches.

With 2020 in mind, USA Field Hockey will concentrate on the following strategic goals:

1.Improve and maintain competitive excellence on the international stage.

2. Foster a presence in the international community.

3. Enhance sport development with increased playing opportunities for all participants in all disciplines.

4. Increase membership within all age groups and both genders.

5. Generate awareness of our sport.

6. Operate as a self-sustaining and responsible National Governing Body.

7. Preparation and education of umpires and coaches at all levels.

“The strategic plan process used by USA Field Hockey focused on inclusion of all hockey constituencies. The result is a document legitimately identifying a path that will guide the organization through 2020. It is a living document and will be subject to annual review and adjustments as we move the organization forward. I especially want to thank Heather Lewis for her hard work and leadership in preparing this important document,” said Jim Johnson, Chair of USA Field Hockey’s Board of Directors.

The 2011-2020 Long Term Strategic Plan can be viewed on our website at under USAFH, corporate documents.

For media inquiries, please contact Ashley Meunier, USA Field Hockey Communications Manager, at, or at (719) 866-4365. Additional information regarding the USA Field Hockey team can be found online by visiting