USA Men Victorious in Game One

Dec. 13, 2010, 2:33 p.m. (ET)

It was by no means easy and with four Argentinean penalty corners in the last five minutes alone it was definitely suspenseful but Team USA found a way to thwart it all and come away with a 1-0 victory in the first game of their 4-game series in Buenos Aires. 

The first half was back-and-forth play throughout with neither team truly taking control of the match.  It would be the US that would strike, however, when a pass into the middle was mistrapped and deflected to a waiting Andy Sheridan who punched the ball into the net.  Adding to his goal, later in the match Sheridan would make two goal-line saves to cap off his day.  As the first half continued neither team would make a serious threat and the horn sounded with a 1-0 advantage for the Americans. 

It would be the first 15-minutes of the second half that truly tested the mettle of the US team.  The Argentinean side, which played valiantly despite being without some of their top players who are currently playing in European leagues, controlled the tempo and put the US side under constant pressure.  But whether it was diving saves from Tom Sheridan, controlled outlets from the back field or keeping calm under pressure, all threats were quashed and the remainder of the second half began to play out as evenly as the first.  

Until the last 5 minutes.  Due to a sense of urgency coupled with a few American mistakes, the Argentineans secured four penalty corners towards the end of the game, including one after time had expired.  But great saves and a well-executed penalty corner defense helped Team USA secure the victory over the Argentineans.

“I’m really pleased with the growth of this team and it’s a huge credit to the leadership of this team,“ Coach Nick Conway commented afterwards. “We’re smart enough to know that we gave Argentina many chances today but we were able to dig in and show our resolve.   We’re happy but we know we still have much to build on.”

Assistant Coach Chris Clements echoed Conway’s statements saying “It really was a collective effort today and it was nice to see our penalty corner defense group be successful.”

While it is always nice to win the men from the States must get ready again as they play Argentina in game 2 on Tuesday night at 6:00pm local time.  Let’s hope the momentum can continue and GO USA!

 USA Roster

1 – Jon Ginolfi

2 – Kevin Barber

4 – Rob Schilling

5 – Pat Harris

6 – Jarred Martin

8 – Steve Mann

10 – Pat Cota

11 – Will Holt

14 – Andy Sheridan

15 – Basti Scheurer

17 – Sean Harris

21 – Arjan Reyatt

23 – Tom Sheridan (GK)

25 – Liam Walsh

26 – Ajai Dhadwal

29 – Tyler Sundeen