2011 Indoor Briefing

Dec. 08, 2010, 1:58 p.m. (ET)

The outdoor season ended with 4,000 athletes and 125 umpires enjoying the final blast of the 2010 outdoor season during Hockey Festival in Phoenix over Thanksgiving weekend.  As the cold weather hits the northeast, it is time to move to the warmth of indoor.  This weekend 70 umpires are gathering in Pennsylvania to attend the 2011 Indoor Hockey Briefing as they prepare for the start of the Indoor Hockey season.  With many indoor tournaments scattered in the Northeast and the start of the 2011 USA Field Hockey National Indoor Hockey Tournament qualifiers on December 18, our umpires are eagerly learning, confirming and sharpening up their skills for the upcoming season. 

The Rules of Indoor Hockey are published on a two year cycle with 2011 the first of the new cycle. For the first time in history, USA Field Hockey will be publishing the Rules of Indoor Hockey and the Rules of Field Hockey -- our own athletes are on the covers!