USA Women Fall to Korea in Qualifier Final

April 03, 2010, 9:32 p.m. (ET)

CHULA VISTA, CA - The Women's National Team fell to Korea, 3-1, in the final of the AtaHolding Women's World Cup Qualifier at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. Kim Jongeun scored two goals as Korea earned a trip to the 2010 Women's World Cup. The USA finished with the silver medal.

Korea took the lead late in the first half, as Park knocked in a penalty corner shot in the 28th minute. Carrie Lingo tied the contest in the 47th to spark the U.S.  team, but Korea scored two goals near the end of the contest to seal the victory.

"It's difficult at the moment to look at ways of explaining it," said Bodimeade. "We had opportunities. The game plan we had in place was working extremely well for us and when we got back to 1-1 we had a couple of chances to go in front and we didn't take them. At this level, you pay the price if you don't take those chances."

The USA controlled most of the action in the second half, applying constant pressure on the Korea defense. The American backfield was repeatedly able to create turnovers and had opportunities for offensive plays in the scoring circle, but could not score.   

"The tactical side of getting the ball away from them was working very well for us," said Bodimeade. "I thought we were very good at getting the ball away from them, but not capitalizing with a goal."

"It's a game of inches, and today the inches weren't falling our way," said Lingo. "We couldn't capitalize. We have several opportunities in the circle. We'll learn from that and improve."

Bodimeade suggested the pressure of the final may have affected play in spots.

"There are things that we did on the field that I don't think we did well at critical moments," said Bodimeade. "As we persisted and things didn't go our way, we had two green cards and a yellow, and that was an indication we weren't handling the pressure as well as we should."

"The best lessons you learn are from losses," said Lingo. "Finishing in the circle is a big lesson. We'll improve that."   

"This game is was what you expect from the #10 team in the world playing the #11 team in the world," said Bodimeade.

The loss is a disappointment, but the Women's National Team will persevere.

"I'm disappointed, but the U.S. has a history of doing things the hard way," said Lingo. "We'll learn and be better for this loss."

"Life goes on," said Bodimeade. "The World Cup is a big tournament, but it's just a tournament. We're about preparing for qualification for 2012 Olympics and then performing well in London. It's a big loss to have at this stage, but it only takes a block out of our program. We're still going to play Argentina in May, we're still going on a European tour, and then we look to the 2011 Pan American Games."