USA Field Hockey


Mailing Address:
USA Field Hockey
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Ph: (719)866-4567
Fax: (719)632-0979

General Information


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Locke Executive Director (719) 866-4361
Simon Hoskins Chief Operating Officer (719) 866-4370
Janet Paden
Chief Financial and Human Resources Officer
(719) 866-4368
Meagan Connolly Director of Fundraising and External Relations (719) 322-1215

Marketing & Communications

Name Title Phone Email
Kait Mitchell Communications Manager (719) 866-4363
Katie Naughton  Commercial Manager (719) 866-4365 
Kaitlin Piosa  Communications Coordinator (719) 866-4374 

Sport Development

Name Title Phone Email
Laura Darling  National Development Director (719) 434-3902
Liz Tchou Sport Development Senior Manager (910) 599-8222
Simone Attles Sport Development Manager (719) 231-6184
General Information Fundamental Field Hockey

 Membership & Events

Name Title Phone Email
Karen Collins Director of Events (719) 866-4366
Emily Thomas Membership & Events Manager (719) 434-3904

Membership and Events Coordinator
(719) 434-3901  
General Information


Name Title Phone Email
Caitie Tornes Manager of Futures and Olympic Development  (719) 866-4339
Chelsea Mitchell  Athlete and Olympic Development Coordinator
General Information

 High Performance

Name Title Phone Email
Kelly Knapp  Jr. & Sr. National Teams Manager
Nate Franks  Performance Analyst


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Horgan  National Umpire Director (302) 668-7409