Geoffrey Loss Wins Gold at Kiev Junior Saber World Cup

By Nicole Jomantas | Nov. 05, 2012, 12:27 p.m. (ET)

Geoffrey Loss.

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – For the first time in three years a member of Team USA stood on the top of the podium at a Men’s Junior Saber World Cup on Sunday.

A 2011 Cadet World Team member, 18-year-old Geoffrey Loss (Laguna Beach, Calif.) won his first junior international title at the Kiev Junior Saber World Cup in the Ukraine.

Loss, who took a year off from school to train and compete in Europe last season before beginning his freshman year at Columbia this fall, was one of four U.S. athletes to place in the top 16 at the first Junior Saber World Cup of the season.

Loss and teammates Alexander Ryjik (Alexandria, Va.) and Andrew Mackiewicz (Westwood, Mass.) each went undefeated in the pools. Loss and Ryjik ended the pools tied for a #2 ranking and Mackiewicz was tied for fourth.

In the table of 64, Loss defeated Kohei Ando (JPN), 15-9, to move onto the table of 32 where he edged George Iancu (ROU), 15-14.

Loss joined teammates Ryjik, Kaito Streets (Redwood City, Calif.) and Jonah Shainberg (Rye, N.Y.) in the table of 16, but he was the only one to advance to the quarter-finals after a 15-11 win over Nicolai Zaporojcenco (MDA).

Competing in the quarter-finals at a Junior World Cup for the first time ever, Loss won his next bout against Oleksiy Statsenko (UKR), a fifth-place finisher at the 2011 Cadet World Championships, by a score of 15-13.

Loss advanced to the gold medal bout after a 15-13 semifinal win over Sandro Bazadze (GEO), an eighth-place finisher at the 2011 Cadet World Championships.

In the finals, Loss met Kostiantyn Voronov in front of the Ukrainian’s home crowd, but Loss won the bout, 15-12.

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Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Men’s Kiev Junior Saber World Cup
1. Geoffrey Loss (Laguna Beach, Calif.)
2. Kostiantyn Voronov (UKR)
3. Sandro Bazadze (GEO)
3. Dmitriy Danilenko (RUS)
5. Alexander Trushakov (RUS)
6. Roman Sydorenko (RUS)
7. Oleksiy Statsenko (UKR)
8. Ryuta Harima (JPN)

9. Alexander Ryjik (Alexandria, Va.)
14. Kaito Streets (Redwood City, Calif.)
15. Jonah Shainberg (Rye, N.Y.)
26. Peter Pak (Roslyn, N.Y.)
30. Eli Dershwitz (Sherborn, Mass.)
33. Andrew Mackiewicz (Westwood, Mass.)
45. Michael Josephs (Chevy Chase, Md.)
46. Bartosz Pukal (Evanston, Ill.)
61. John Hallsten (Sacramento, Calif.)
88. Nitikorn Dornjandaeng (Houston, Texas)