Super Youth Circuit (SYC): Youth fencers may participate in one or more Super Youth tournaments, however, only the competition where the fencer earns the most points will be included in the revised point standings published after the last SYC. These competitions are one of the possible qualification paths for Youth 10 and Youth 12 events at both the April and/or July NACs. See the SYC Bid Packet and SYC Guidelines for more information on seeding and tournament formats.

If your SYC bid was selected please email your tournament link to Tanya Brown.

Click HERE for the SYC result reporting form; if you are using Fencing Time (v3.02 or later) to run the tournament, the results report is available as an export. Complete results, membership forms and program service fee (SYC: $5 per registrant) must be submitted to the National Office before classification, qualification and/or national points will be recognized. Results must be submitted to Tanya Brown in an Excel format. To arrange payment, contact Melissa Jones. After receiving the results from an SYC, the National Office will send an online survey to all participants requesting their feedback.

There are two ways to generate the qualifying report in FT:

1.  When the last event in the tournament finishes, the "Finish Tournament" popup window will appear.  To generate the report, click the "Save the Qualifier Report for the USFA" button.  The report will be saved as an xls (Excel spreadsheet) file.
2.  At any time, you can also access the qualifier report via the menus at the top of the Fencing Time window.  The report can be found under View > Tournament Reports > USFA Qualifier Results Report.

Qualification Y10/Y12 to the April and July NACs

  • Fencers must fence in at least one Regional or Super Youth Competition in the current season to be eligible to enter the same category and weapon at the April and July NACs.

Qualification Path to Nationals for Y14 from RYC

  • Place first in the Y14 event at a current-season RYC tournament [BoD, October 2010] In mixed events, only the first place finisher is recognized as qualified.

Qualification Path to Nationals for Y14 from SYC

  • Earn Youth 14 points at a current season Super Youth Circuit Competition

SYC tournaments are open to current USFA competitive members eligible to fence in Open competitions and to foreign fencers with current FIE licenses. 

Format: It is understood that SYC events are run in accordance with USA FENCING rules and formats guided by the USA Fencing Staff liaison and Youth Development Committee

The format for all SYC events must be one round of pools with 100% promoted to a Direct Elimination (DE) table.  All events must use pools of six or seven whenever possible.  In events with fewer than 11 entrants, the BC may elect to have two rounds of pools followed by 100% promoted to a DE table.  There is no fence-off for third place*.  *Athlete Handbook 3.2.2, “Senior, Junior, Cadet, ROC, SYC tournaments are required to have at least 6 competitors for points to be awarded and cannot be a mixed competition.  If there are less than 10 competitors there must fence off 3rd place.”

Current Membership list is available HERE; if you need more membership information, please email If you need birth year verification, please email Kris Ekeren , Director of Membership Services.

Please be aware of upcoming deadlines related to results from your tournament.  Check the EVENTS page for upcoming tournament deadlines.

Points – The Super Youth Circuit competitions will award points to the top 40% of the field regardless of where the cut-off occurs be it within a pool round or a direct elimination bracket. Only the best SYC result counts toward point totals on a rolling point basis SYC; points can only be updated once results and program service fee are received by the National Office from the SYC tournament organizer. Please refer to Chapters 3 & 4 of the Athlete Handbook for more details on points.  

Classification Changes - For classifications to be awarded for a youth tournament, the event must meet the criteria of a Group C1 or better. If the criteria is met, classification changes can only be updated once results and program service fee are received by the National Office from the SYC tournament organizer. While many tournament organizers make use of for processing entries and posting of results, currently is not linked to the USFA website and tournament organizers must submit results of each competition to the USFA National office.

Please take a moment to fill out the After-Action Report