Classifications and Ratings - Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is a classification?  For the purpose of distinguishing between levels of performance and providing an objective scale for the seeding of competitions, fencers are classified nationally on the basis of competitive experience and achievement into the following classifications:  A (highest), B, C, D, E, U (Unclassified, lowest).  Classifications are written as A08, B05, with the letter indicating the classification and the number indicating the latest year when that classification was earned or re-earned.

  • What’s my classification?  Classifications are listed next to your name on the membership list posted on the USFA website. This list is updated weekly.

  • How do I earn a new classification?  Depends on the competition, who’s there, and how you did.  Competitions are rated based on the number of different classifications present and how they finished.  Based on the rating of your competition and your finish, you can earn a new classification.  Please see the Appendix of the Athlete Handbook for the Classification Reference Chart or you can download it here.

  • I earned a classification – what do I do next?  Celebrate!  After that, it depends on where you earned it.  If you earned it at a National Competition, the USFA takes care of the rest.  If you earned it at a local, divisional, sectional, or regional competition, the organizers must calculate who earned classifications and submit them to the USFA after they have been certified by their Division.

  • Why doesn’t the USFA have my new classification?  If the USFA doesn’t have a record of your classification change – most likely we haven’t received it from the organizer of the competition.  We must receive these changes on the Classification Change Form, which must be signed by the Division Chair.  We can not change your classification without this form, no matter how much we like you.