The ranking information, presented HERE, reflects the archive of the National Rolling Point Standings (NRPS) from the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 season.  As we take steps to automate ranking calculations and integrate ranking information into the athlete membership profile, this page will serve as a test site for the NRPS during the 2011-2012 season (currently not active).  The PDF files, posted under Current Point Standings, remain the Official Rankings until further notice; any discrepancies between the posted PDF files and the rankings test site - the PDF files will prevail.  Team Standings will be addressed at a later date and will still be posted under Current Point Standings during this process. 

Some features on the mirror site will not be accessible during this phase or will be updated at a later date.

How to use the Railstation Rankings page (download PDF):

  • To access the site, click HERE
  • Select the season (only the Archived seasons are currently active), weapon, ranking group and GO.
  • Rankings will appear (columns are sortable by clicking on the column header)
  • Click on the Athlete's Name for further detail

The column labeled "EXP" is the number of results (or exposures) that appear in the athlete profile; not the number counted in the point total. 

Questions/Comments/Discrepancies should be sent to: Tanya Brown