The USFA point system is complex.  If you have questions, please see our Points FAQ.  Further information can also be found in our Athlete's Handbook.  If you have questions that these resources do not address, please contact the National office at  If your question is in reference to a possible discrepancy, in the subject line please put the name, level, gender and weapon.

Athlete Handbook Chapter 4 - change to the Youth rolling points update procedure 
Super Youth Circuit (SYC) Tournaments – Best SYC result counts toward point totals on a rolling point basis SYC (Youth Committee – September 24, 2010; youth point standings may be updated by October 10, 2010; points can only be updated once results and program service fee are received by the National Office from the SYC tournament organizer)

YOUTH FENCERS:  Some youth fencers that earned points at SYC events this season will not be incorporated into the point standings because they are not current USFA members.  If you have questions, please email please put the name, level, gender and weapon in the subject line.

Point standings are available in pdf, which provides a detailed listings for points earned for each competition.

USA Fencing is in the process of automating the rankings - CLICK HERE to learn more