SafeSport training was developed by the United States Olympic Committee as part of a nationwide initiative to recognize, reduce, and respond effectively to inappropriate and potentially harmful behavior in sport. The program is available at no cost to members of USA Curling and can be found at

As of Jan. 1, 2014, all individuals the USCA formally authorizes, approves, or appoints to a position of authority over, or to have frequent contact with, athletes must complete the USOC SafeSport online program. These individuals include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • All members of the USA Curling Coaches Association
  • All Level III and Level IV Officials, Level II Officials in the Level III Apprenticeship program, and any Level II Officials assigned to a chief umpire or deputy chief umpire role in a USCA championship event
  • All Course Conductors in the USCA Instructor program and Level II (or higher) Certified Instructors
  • Directors of junior camps and any other junior program receiving financial or administrative support from the USCA
  • All USA Curling employees and board members

In addition, clubs are encouraged to have their members, especially those who work with youth, participate in the training.

When registering to take the training, select “USA Curling” as your organizational association. The training should take approximately 90 minutes. Successful completion of all evaluation exercises is required. More information can be found in the USA Curling SafeSport Handbook.