USA Curling

Level III Officials work in supervisory capacities as Chief Umpires and Deputy Chief Umpires (DCU) at national curling championships. The Chief Umpire is in charge of all on-ice aspects of the competition and has final authority for the event. The DCU provides support for the Chief Umpire and may act as the Chief Umpire when the official assigned to that role is not on-site. Level II officials with at least three years of experience can apply to enter the multi-year Level III Apprentice Program.  

Certification Requirements

Admission to Apprenticeship Program:

  • Minimum of three years of experience as a USCA Level II official
  • Two letters of recommendation from Chief Umpires served under within the previous three years
  • Approval of the Rules and Officiating Committee upon recommendation of the National Chief Umpire

For information on applying to this program, please contact the USA Curling National Office at (715) 344-1199 or

General Requirements:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of all WCF and USCA rules, procedures, and policies
  • Read USA Curling SafeSport Handbook
  • Pass background check through National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI)


  • USOC SafeSport online training

Practical Experience (must be completed within three (3) years of course completion):

  • Once accepted into the apprentice program, the candidate is expected to work at least one national event each year in an apprenticeship role.
  • The candidate’s performance will be reviewed annually by the Rules and Officiating Committee based on reports from the Chief Umpire. 
  • The apprenticeship will last a minimum of three to a maximum of five years.

Level III Certification Application:

  • Upon completion of all practical requirements for the Apprentice Program, the candidate must submit all experience records to the USCA National Office for review by the National Chief Umpire and Rules and Officiating Committee. Those not meeting expectations for advancing to Level III will be informed by the Chair of Rules and Officiating Committee and returned to Level II status or invited to continue in the Apprentice Program.
Candidates must:
  • Have comprehensive and current knowledge of all WCF and USCA rules, procedures and policies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interact with athletes and other officials in a professional manner.
  • Be willing to teach officiating courses in their region if assigned by the National Course Conductor.

Certification Maintenance Requirements:

  • Level III officials are expected supervise and mentor Level II officials and Apprentice Level III officials. 
  • Level III Officials must work as the Deputy Chief or Chief Umpire during at least two (2) national or international events during each five (5) year period.
Failure to maintain certification will necessitate participation in a new officiating course (as a rules refresher).