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USA Curling Fan Club

The sport of curling is the fastest growing Olympic winter sport in the United States. As participation in the sport increases, so does the number of fans cheering our teams along the way. This has in turn increased people's interest in learning more about the strategy and rules of curling, and our fan club is changing to better allow our members to understand and keep up with the news.

Members of the USA Curling Fan Club receive the U.S. Curling News, the official magazine of USA Curling, as well as all digital communications sent to our curling members, which includes the newsletter, Stone Soup, press releases and updates about other events around the country. Members will also receive our "Rocked by Curling" T-shirt.

As the program builds, we look to support regional events at local curling clubs and/or bars to watch televised events, helping to spread the word to other Fan Club members in the region that a viewing party is happening.

The membership price is only $35, which will cover the cost of the magazine and T-shirt and a small donation to USA Curling.

Please contact Michelle Schleibaum, Director of Philanthropy, with questions or for more information: or 608-338-5600.

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