Semifinal field nearly set in Two Harbors

By David Garber | Feb. 21, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

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Feb. 21, 2014

Five of eight semifinalists set, tie break games pending at the 2014 USA Curling Club National Championship.

(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) - Three men's teams and two women's teams have qualified for semifinal play in Two Harbors at the 2014 USA Curling Club National Championships in Two Harbors, Minn. Tie break games are possible on the men's side and certain on the women's side.

Minnesota (skipped by Peter Stolt), Washington (Joel Larway) and Illinois (Jeff Wright) have qualified for the semifinals. If Massachusetts, skipped by Peter Bialek, beats Arizona in tomorrow's morning draw, they will earn the fourth berth and will eliminate the need for men's tiebreak games. If they lose, they will tie for fourth place with Michigan (Chad Roberts) and Wisconsin (Steve Day) and the three teams will play two rounds to determine which side plays in the semifinals Friday night at 8 p.m. If three teams play in tiebreakers, two will play at noon, one gets a bye per USCA formula, with the winner playing the bye team at 4 p.m. for the semifinal berth.

Norma O'Leary's Minnesota I rink cruised to a 9-0 finish in the women's field. With two games left tomorrow morning, the other sure semifinal qualifier is North Dakota I (Beth Bohlman) at 6-3. North Dakota II (Ann Podoll) is 5-3 and could qualify outright with a win over Arizona tomorrow morning. Minnesota II (Jamie Kraus) is 5-4, as is Wisconsin (Lori Karst), and Washington (Miyo Konno) is 4-4 and plays Ohio (Jennifer Paine) tomorrow. One to three tie break games are possible depending on which teams win Friday morning.

In game highlights on Thursday, the Washington men copped five points in the eighth to beat Wisconsin after trailing late. In women's play, Minnesota I was headed for its first defeat, to Wisconsin, but steals in the 10th and 11th ends kept their record unblemished; and Arizona notched its first win, over California.

After necessary tie break games Friday afternoon, the teams will contest semi-finals Friday at 8:00 p.m. with finals Saturday afternoon at 1:30. Live scores, standings and a link to the webstream can be found at (click on the Two Harbors 2014 Club Nationals logo).

Men's Thursday results:
9 a.m: Michigan (Roberts) 9, Illinois (Wright) 6; Washington (Larway) 9, Wisconsin (Day (8); Massachusetts (Bialek) 11, Colorado (Moir) 4; Minnesota (Stolt) 11, North Dakota (Pengilly) 5

5 p.m.:  Minnesota (Stolt) 7, Washington (Larway) 3 (5); Oregon (Smoltz) 10, Alaska (Flippo) 5; Michigan (Roberts) 13, Colorado (Moir) 3 

9 p.m.: Wisconsin (Day) 12, North Dakota (Pengilly) 3 (6 ends)

Women's results:
1 p.m.: Washington (Konno) 6, Maryland (Drummie) 5; Minnesota I (O'Leary) 10, Wisconsin (Karst) 9; North Dakota I (Bohlman) 9, Minnesota II (Kraus) 7; Arizona (Heuerman) 9, California (Walsh) 7

5 p.m.: North Dakota II (Podoll) 12, Ohio (Paine) 10 

9 p.m.: Wisconsin (Karst) 12, Minnesota II (Kraus) 5 (8 ends);  California (Walsh) Maryland  (Drummie); Minnesota I (O'Leary) 11, North Dakota I (Bohlman) 3 (7 ends)

Minnesota (Stolt)   7-2 Q
Washington (Larway) 7-2 Q
Illinois (Wright) 6-2 Q
Massachusetts (Bialek) 5-3
Michigan (Roberts) 5-4
Wisconsin (Day) 5-4
Oregon (Smoltz)   3-5
North Dakota (Pengilly) 3-6
Alaska (Flippo) 2-6
Colorado (Moir) 0-9

Minnesota I (O'Leary) 9-0 Q
North Dakota I (Bohlman) 6-3 Q
North Dakota II (Podoll) 5-3
Minnesota II (Kraus) 5-4 T
Wisconsin (Karst) 5-4 T
Washington (Konno) 4-4
Ohio (Paine)       3-5
Maryland (Drummie) 3-6
California (Walsh) 2-7
Arizona (Heuerman) 1-7
Q = qualified for semi-finals 
T = tie break game certain

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