US teams ready for round robin to begin

By Terry Kolesar | Feb. 09, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)
Jared Zezel, second (Hibbing, Minn.):  “It’s a mix of both trying to enjoy the experience and getting ready to play. It was nice to get on the ice again after a couple of days away. It was nice to get over the jet lag. Now it’s just practice and get ready, practice and get ready.”

Jeff Isaacson, vice skip (Virginia, Minn.):  “We’re just trying to pace things out. We know the schedule, know what we need to do, so we can keep things evenly paced. Yesterday was Opening Ceremonies, which were great. We’re trying to enjoy it while also getting ourselves ready to play. It was nice to get our legs back, to throw the rock again and get a feel for the venue.”

Asked what he and Olympic veteran John Shuster may be trying to help their first-time Olympian teammates with, Isaacson said: “We try to tell them about some of the things we experienced in Vancouver, to help them understand what all goes on. They’ve handled it great.”​ 

Derek Brown, USA Curling Director of High Performance (Scotland): “We had three good days in Switzerland,” training at Rodger Schmidt’s Curling Academy. “They’re ready.”

Bill Todhunter, U.S. Women’s Team Coach (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) : “Since the Continental Cup, everyone has been pretty much getting ready to get here and get going. The ice isn’t up to game speed yet, of course, but we were just using this time to match rocks anyway.”

“Yesterday we gave the girls some downtime. They did some shopping and looking around. We want to get any distractions out of the way now.”

Jessica Schultz, U.S. Women’s Team second (Minneapolis, Minn.): “It feels real now. It felt good to get out there and throw rocks. The ice is still green, but we were just using it to match rocks.”

Schultz said the team took a moment in the arena before practice started to just take everything in. “We took a moment to enjoy the experience, enjoy that we were back at the Olympics. We were also just visualizing what we want to accomplish here, what we need to do to reach our goals.”​