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USA Curling

Recommendations for selection to new USCA committees now being accepted

By Terry Kolesar | April 21, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

On April 12, 2014, the Members of the USCA approved a new governance structure for our organization.  The new By-laws passed at the spring Board meeting culminates nearly a four-year process.  As a result there will be a number of changes to our Board Committees.  Three of these committees (Ethics, Judicial and Nominating/Governance) are to be populated by non-board members.   

The purpose of this email is to provide an opportunity for the USCA community to recommend to the Nominating Committee worthy and interested candidates to the positions as outlined below: 

Ethics Committee - 2 positions open, one 4-year term and one 3-year term

The committee oversees implementation of, and compliance with, the Code of Ethics and Fiduciary Responsibilities.  Reports to the Board on all Ethical issues. Develops and reviews on an annual basis a Code of Ethics and Fiduciary Responsibilities. Administers and oversees compliance with the Code of Ethics and Fiduciary Responsibilities. Reviews and investigates matters of ethical and fiduciary impropriety and make recommendations on such matters to the Board. And reviews and provides guidance on ethical questions and fiduciary responsibilities presented to it. A more complete description is available on the USCA web site as outlined in the new By-laws.

Judicial Committee - 4 positions open with staggered term lengths.

The committee will generally administer and oversee all administrative grievances and athlete right-to-compete matters filed with USCA. Hear and render decision, or appoint a panel to hear and render a decision, on grievances and disciplinary matters.   

Nominating/Governance Committee - 4 positions open with staggered term lengths.

The committee will be responsible for nominating candidates for the Board of Directors, all standing committees, and USA representatives to the World Curling Federation.

The Nominating/Governance Committee will also consider and develop, as is necessary from time to time, proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the USCA, together with developing and recommending to the Board for its consideration an annual self-evaluation process of the Board and its standing committees toward the end of maintaining an effective governance structure.  A more complete description is available on the USCA website as outlined in the new By-laws.

When recommending an individual to one of these committees, click here to complete the online Committee form or you may print the attached form and mail to: United States Curling Association, Attn. Jenny Biadasz, 5525 Clems Way, Stevens Point, WI 54482.