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Team World sweeps mixed doubles action

Jan. 13, 2012, 10:32 a.m. (ET)
It was total Team World domination this afternoon in mixed doubles action at the 2012 World Financial Group Continental Cup of Curling at the Langley Events Centre.

Team World swept up all available 18 points as USA's Patti Lank (Lewiston, N.Y.) and Joe Polo (Duluth, Minn.) took part in lopsided afternoon of curling action. Lank teamed up with Canada's Craig Savill in a 5-4 loss to team World's duo of Bingyu Wang (China) and Torger Nergaard (Norway).

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 USA Curling

 Terry Kolesar

Jan. 13, 2012
Team World sweeps mixed doubles action at 2012 Continental Cup
(LANGLEY, British Columbia) – It was total Team World domination this afternoon in mixed 
doubles action at the 2012 World Financial Group Continental Cup of Curling at the Langley 
Events Centre.
Team World swept up all available 18 points as USA’s Patti Lank (Lewiston, N.Y.) and Joe Polo 
(Duluth, Minn.) took part in lopsided afternoon of curling action. Lank teamed up with Canada’s 
Craig Savill in a 5-4 loss to team World’s duo of Bingyu Wang (China) and Torger Nergaard 
“We missed so many by just a little bit where if we would have had a sweeper it would have 
made a difference, but that works on both sides,” said Lank, who was playing mixed doubles 
without sweepers for the first time. “I like it though. It’s a ton of fun because you’re playing 
complicated shots all the time.”
Polo partnered with reigning Canadian national champion Amber Holland in a 7-5 loss to Team 
World’s Anna Sloan and Greg Drummond of Scotland. Team World’s Eve Muirhead (Scotland) 
and Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) defeated Canada’s Stefanie Lawton and Ben Hebert, 8-7. 
“It’s fun, but it’s very unforgiving,” said Polo, who in a previous Cup appearance was a dedicated 
sweeper when the mixed doubles format was slightly different. “You have to make all your 
freezes just right. If you hang ‘em one side or the other just a little bit and you screw up an 
angle, they can get you out.”
Polo and Holland spent most of the game in pursuit of catching up after falling behind early on.
“We managed to get up early and keep going and make sure that they were always chasing,” 
Sloan said. “It’s quite easy to come back with that game because you are always drawing, but 
we just managed to keep on top of them and get the win.”
Team North America’s Polo and Holland scored three points in the fifth end to pull within a 
point but never closed the gap.
“It’s tough without sweepers, and it’s just a tough game. It moves really fast and is very mentally 
challenging because you’re trying to think about all the angles,” Polo said.
Lank and Savill also spent their match trying to catch up with Wang and Nergard but were 
always within striking distance. After Team World grabbed another deuce in the fifth end, Lank 
was unable to convert for two in the sixth. The North Americans would pull within a point after 
stealing a single in the seventh but couldn’t position the stones properly in the eighth for the 
“We were making more shots than the others, I guess, and there was some luck, of course,”
Nergard said. 2012 Continental Cup action continues tonight with the final round of men’s team competition. 
USA’s Pete Fenson will take on Norway’s Thomas Ulsrud at 6:30 p.m. PT.
Webstreaming from the games can be found online at, courtesy of the World Curling Federation 
and TSN.
Line scores, mixed doubles:
Team World (Wang/Nergard) 021 020 0x – 5 
Team North America (Lank/Savill) 100 101 1x – 4 
Team World (Muirhead/Lindberg) 222 101 00 – 8 
Team North America (Lawton/Hebert) 000 030 22 – 7 
Team World (Sloan/Drummond) 103 102 0x – 7 
Team North America (Polo/Holland) 010 030 1x – 5 
Competition World N. America
Women's Team - Round 1 9 9 
Mixed Doubles - Round 1 12 6 
Men's Team - Round 1 9 9
Women's Team - Round 2 9 9
Mixed Doubles - Round 2 18 0
Men's Team - Round 2
Skins - A
Singles Competition
Skins - B
Women - - Skins - C
Men – Skins – C 
Friday, January 13
Draw 6 7:00 pm Men’s Team Games (eight ends) – 18 points
(Six points for a win, three points for a tie)
Sheet A World (Niklas Edin) vs North America (Glenn Howard) 
Sheet B World (Thomas Ulsrud) vs North America (Pete Fenson) 
Sheet C World (Tom Brewster) vs North America (Jeff Stoughton) 
Saturday, January 14 (pairings to be announced)
Draw 7, 9 a.m., Skins A (men’s, women’s, mixed)
Draw 8, 1:30 p.m., Singles
Draw 9, 6:30 p.m., Skins B (men’s, women’s, mixed
Sunday, January 15 (pairings to be announced)
Draw 10, 10:30 a.m., Skins C (women’s)
Draw 11, 5 p.m., Skins C (men’s)This is the eighth edition of the Continental Cup, which features Team North America composed 
of four Canadian and the two U.S. teams taking on six of the top European and Asian teams 
representing Team World in skins, mixed skins, singles, mixed doubles, and team competitions 
during the four-day event.
Each discipline is weighted with points the two sides can earn. The first to reach 201 points is 
declared the winner. The event began in 2002 in Regina, Saskatchewan, with all subsequent 
events taking place in Canada as well. North America holds a 4-3 advantage over Team World
after their dominating Cup win in 2011 in St. Albert, Alberta. This year, the winning side will earn 
$52,000 in prize money with the losing team receiving $26,000 divided amongst the athletes, 
captains and coaches. An additional $13,000 will go to the winning side of the final men’s skins 
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