USA women shut down Canada at 2009 World Juniors

March 10, 2009, 2:04 p.m. (ET)
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (March 9, 2009) - With a pro-Canadian crowd screaming in their ears the American ladies coolly shut down Canada's Kaitlyn Lawes rink 10-3 Monday night to keep their playoff hopes alive at the 2009 World Junior Championships at the Vancouver Olympic Centre.

"It's nice to hear our small group of fans cheering us on," said skip Alexandra Carlson (Wayzata, Minn.).

Coming off a tough loss earlier today to France, the American women came out tonight firing on all cylinders knowing that another loss would make a playoff berth probably disappear.

"We needed it," said Sophie Brorson, 18, the team's lead. "We know we need to win out and that we had to come in tonight and play well."

And, play well is what they did. In what the team felt was their best game this week, the American ladies handed Canada its second loss of the round robin and improved to 4-3 with two games remaining in the round robin against Russia (5-1) and Denmark (2-4) on Wednesday (the team has the day off on Tuesday).

"We play Russia next, and I think they've only lost once, so we need to go into that strong," said Tabitha Peterson, 20, team vice skip.

The U.S. ladies looked sharp early on, stealing a single in the second end when Carlson made a nice freeze to the rocks hanging off the back of the button. Lawes tried to hit and roll but didn't get enough of it. The Canadian ladies got on the board in the third end when Lawes made a draw to the back of the eight-foot. After the measure it was determined that Canada had indeed scored two points.

After scoring just a single in the fourth end, the U.S. ladies would regain the lead with a steal of one in the fifth after Lawes came up short drawing to the four-foot. Another steal in the sixth end put the Americans up 4-2. The Canadian ladies got in trouble again in the seventh end when the U.S. got rocks scattered around the back of the house with guards out front forcing Lawes to make a takeout for one.

The eighth end proved to be the back-breaker for Canada as a lot of rocks were in play once again. Carlson used her last bullet to convert a soft tap of the lone Canada stone in the four-foot for four points.

Carlson thwarted the Canadians chances at a big end in the ninth when she came down through a port to take out the lone Canadian stone in the four-foot and lie three with four guards in front of the house. Lawes followed her with a takeout but rolled her shooter out to cough up the steal of two, which prompted the Canadians to concede the match.

"We know that we gave her tough shots at the end," said Tara Peterson (Eagan, Minn.), the team's second. "Everything went really well tonight."

The top four teams at the conclusion of the round robin in each division advance to the page system of playoffs beginning Friday night. The gold medal games are set for 4 p.m. PT Sunday.

Game scores: USA 10, Canada 3; Sweden 7, Czech Republic 5; Switzerland 8, Scotland 5; Russia 11, France 3

Line score:
USA women 010 111 042 x 10
Canada* 002 000 100 x 3
*last stone in first end

Women's standings:
Russia 5-1
Switzerland 5-1
Scotland 5-2
Canada 4-2
USA 4-3
France 3-4
Denmark 2-4
Sweden 2-5
Czech Rep. 1-5
Japan 1-5

Men's standings:
Canada 6-0
Denmark 4-2
Norway 4-2
Sweden 3-2
USA 3-2
China 2-2
Switzerland 2-3
Scotland 1-3
Russia 1-4
Germany 0-6

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