CURLING: 2006 Olympian opens with win at inaugural World Mixed Doubles

March 08, 2008, 1 a.m. (ET)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 8, 2008 Team USA off to great start at inaugural World Mixed Doubles (STEVENS POINT, Wis.) - The USA doubles team of Jamie Haskell and Nate Haskell of Bemidji, Minn., began the inaugural World Mixed Doubles in Vierumaki, Finland, with a 6-2 win over Wales. 2006 Olympian Jamie Haskell and husband, Nate, got the better of Wales as they scored in the first five ends of the eight-end match. Trailing 0-6, the Wales team of Lisa Peters and Phil Jones scored one point and stole a single in the seventh end but it was too little, too late. This new world championship varies a bit from regular curling. Mixed doubles feature two players (one male, one female) per team as opposed to the traditional four-person curling teams. Each game consists of eight ends, instead of 10. Each team will deliver five stones per end with one player delivering the first and fifth stones and the other team member throwing the stones in between. Prior to the start of each end, one team shall instruct the game umpire to place their team's stationary stone and the opposing team's stationary stone either as a guard outside the house bisecting the center line or on the back half of the button. Sweeping is allowed but with just two players that means either the thrower will sweep their own stone or the other team member will leave the house to sweep. Twenty-four teams are competing at the week-long event. Team USA is back in action at 7:30 p.m. (12:30 CT) today against Poland. Line score: USA* 121 110 0x 6 Wales 000 001 1x 2 *last stone in first end Standings: A Group China 1-0 Finland 1-0 Switzerland 1-0 USA 1-0 Denmark 0-1 New Zealand 0-1 Poland 0-1 Wales 0-1 B Group Canada 1-0 Estonia 1-0 Japan 1-0 Sweden 1-0 England 0-1 Hungary 0-1 Italy 0-1 Slovakia 0-1 C Group Australia 0-0 Czech Rep. 0-0 France 0-0 Latvia 0-0 Norway 0-0 Russia 0-0 Scotland 0-0 Spain 0-0 USA Curling is sponsored by AIT Worldwide Logistics, AmerAust Technologies and Nike. (30) For more information: Terry Kolesar, USA Curling,, 715-344-1199, Ext. 202, or 608-338-9900 (cell).