CURLING: USA men improve to 2-1 at 2008 World Championship

April 06, 2008, 1 a.m. (ET)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 6, 2008 USA men steal win over Scotland at 2008 World Men's Championship (GRAND FORKS, N.D.) - It was about as pretty as a plate of haggis but USA's Craig Brown team escaped with a 7-6 win over Scotland's David Murdoch rink Sunday night at the 2008 World Men's Curling Championship. After dropping this morning's match to the Czech Republic, the U.S. men really wanted to end the weekend on a positive note as they improved to 2-1 in the standings. "We're ecstatic with the win," said Team USA second John Dunlop, a financial advisor with AXA Advisors in Milwaukee, Wis. "We haven't caught any breaks so far so it was nice to finally get one." The American men stole two points in the 10th end when Murdoch's last stone came up short of the rings. Murdoch, the 2006 world champion, missed a takeout with his first toss of the 10th end after Brown partially buried his stone behind a corner guard. After Brown placed a second stone in the house, Murdoch's final rock looked light out of his hands and may have picked up some debris along the way slowing it down further. "Three-quarters of the way down it looked like it lost its rotation so I think it picked something up," Dunlop said. The U.S. got off to a slow start tonight as they were forced to draw for one in the first and third ends while Murdoch earned deuces with his first two tries with the last rock advantage. The American men finally earned a deuce in the sixth end when vice skip Rich Ruohonen (Brooklyn Park, Minn.) buried his first stone behind a corner guard. The skips exchanged hits with Brown making the final takeout for two to tie the game at 4-4. After the seventh end was blanked, the U.S. got into a jam in the eighth as Scotland placed three stones in the house behind a barrage of U.S. guards early in the end. Ruohonen made a runback to remove one on the button to grab shot rock for the U.S. to the delight of the 2,265 in attendance. Scottish vice skip Graeme Connal would show off a runback of his own to put the Scots in scoring position on the button. Brown used his last stone to make a hit and roll but it was just an inch further from the button than the Scottish stone. Murdoch drew down to touch a side of the button for yet another deuce. Desiring two points at a minimum in the ninth end, Brown couldn't remove a Scottish stone half buried behind the center guard, which eventually resulted in a draw for one to set up the dramatic 10th end that saw the Americans gain their second win. "We knew at a minimum we wanted to be two and one," Dunlop said. "We're struggling a bit with rock positioning and it seems like the ice straightened out from earlier today. It was a bit slower on the edges." The U.S. returns to action at 9 a.m. CT Monday to take on China's Fengchun Wang team (1-2). Game scores: USA 7, Scotland 6; Denmark 9, Sweden 5; Canada 9, Australia 3; Norway 8, Czech Republic 4 USA line score: *USA 101 002 001 2 7 Scotland 020 020 020 0 6 *last stone in first end Standings: Canada 3-0 Germany 3-0 Czech Republic 2-1 France 2-1 USA 2-1 Australia 1-2 China 1-2 Denmark 1-2 Norway 1-2 Scotland 1-2 Sweden 1-2 Switzerland 0-3 USA Curling is sponsored by AIT Worldwide Logistics, AmerAust Technologies and Nike. (30) For more information: Terry Kolesar, USA Curling,, 715-344-1199, Ext. 202, or 608-338-9900 (cell).