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The U.S. Mixed National Championship debuted in 1975 and features teams of two females and two males. The world championship debuted in 2015.

Year  Site  Winning Team Club Finish at Worlds 
2015  Blaine, MN Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Sean Beighton, Jillian Walker Granite, Wash. 
2014  Wisconsin Rapids, WI  Greg Wilson, Pam Wilson, Collin Rittgers, Michele Rittgers  Chicago, Ill.  
Willmar, MN  Derek Surka, Charrissa Lin, Nate Clark, Rebecca Andrew
Nutmeg, Conn.
Portage, WI Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Sean Beighton, Bev Walter
Granite, Wash.
Midland, MI  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Philip Tilker, Bev Walter 
Granite, Wash. 
Chicago, IL  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Philip Tilker, Bev Walter
Granite, Wash.
2009  Medford, WI  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Philip Tilker, Bev Walter  Granite, Wash.   
2008  Detroit, MI  Duane Symons, Val Nash, Chad Carlson, Christine Mikulich  Langdon, N.D.   
2007  Grafton, ND  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Leon Romaniuk, Bev Walter Granite, Wash.  
2006  Fairbanks, AK  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Tom Violette, Bev Walter Granite, Wash.  
2005  Laurel, MD  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Darren Lehto, Bev Walter Granite, Wash.  
2004  Mankato, MN  Steve Shuttleworth, Susan Carothers, Peter Lundquist, Cathy Floerchinger, Dennis Thies Fairbanks, Alaska  
2003  Medford, WI  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Ryan Beighton, Bev Walter Granite, Wash.   
2002  Seattle, WA  Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Jason Larway, Kim Kropp Granite, Wash.   
2001  Rice Lake, WI  Rick Tangedal, Janet Tangedal, Garland Legacie, Jan Legacie Williston Basin, N.D.   
2000  Utica, NY  Craig Brown, Erika Brown, Jon Brunt, Jill Jones Madison, Wis.  
1999  Devils Lake, ND  Ian Cordner, Dolores Cordner, James Pleasants, Jaynie Pleasants (Granite, Wash.) Granite, Wash.  
1998  Wayland, MA  Mike Fraboni, Allison Pottinger, Craig Brown, Tracy Sachtjen  Madison, Wis.  
1997  Two Harbors, MN  Jack McNelly, Bev Behnke, Bucky Marshall, Susan Anschuetz Denver, Colo.  
1996  Highland Park, IL  Grayland Cousins, Sandy Resetich, Jim Wilson, Karyn Cousins  Broomstones, Mass.  
1995  Utica, NY  Mike Fraboni, Allison Pottinger, Mark Swandby, Toni Swandby Madison, Wis.   
1994  Rochester, MN  Andy Borland, Liz Johnson, Tim Johnson, Jean Borland Bemidji, Minn.  
1993  Bismarck, ND  Geoff Goodland, Lori Mountford, Cal Tillisch, Marcia Tillisch Eau Claire, Wis.   
1992  Hartland, WI  Andy Borland, Liz Johnson, Tim Johnson, Jean Borland  Bemidji, Minn.   
1991  Denver, CO  Geoff Goodland, Kathy Baldwin, Cal Tillisch, Marcia Tillisch Wausau, Wis.  
1990  St. Paul, MN  Jack McNelly, Bev Behnke, Adolph Behnke, Dawna Bennett  Denver, Colo.  
1989  Seattle, WA  Lee Leksell, Kelly Sieger, Kevin Stevens, Bonne Leksell   Duluth, Minn.  
1988  Fairbanks, AK  Steve Brown, Lisa Schoeneberg, Paul Schaefer, Bonnie Mansfield  Madison, Wis.  
1987  Brookline, MA  Grayland Cousins, Sandy Resetich, Jim Wilson, Karyn Cousins  Wilmette, Ill.  
1986  St. Paul, MN  Joel Jacobson, Lori Kreklau, Tim Kreklau, Lisa Jacobson  Alsen, N.D.  
1985  Detroit, MI  Doug Jones, Beth Bronger-Jones, Bob Anderson, Cheryl Hardy Granite, Wash.   
1984  Bemidji, MN  Steve Brown, Diane Brown, Vince Fitzgerald, Georgia Fitzgerald Madison, Wis.  
1983 Two Harbors, MN  Elgie Noble, Marilyn Noble, Bill MacLeish, Mary MacLeish Poynette, Wis.  
1982  Madison, WI  Mark Haluptzok, Liz Johnson, Tim Johnson, Mary Jo Roufs  Bemidji, Minn.  
1981  Falmouth, MA  Fred Arn, Betty Arn, Bob Vollmer, Micki Vollmer Bowling Green, Ohio  
1980  Highland Park, IL  Mark Haluptzok, Liz Johnson, Tim Johnson, Mary Jo Roufs  Bemidji, Minn.  
1979  Duluth, MN  Neil Collins, Jo Shannon, Rick Shannon, Elaine Collins Wausau, Wis.  
1978  Colorado Springs, CO  Elgie Noble, Marilyn Noble, Dick Marquardt, Nancy Marquardt Poynette, Wis.  
1977  Hastings, NY  Garth Wallace, Sophie Wallace, Tom Wallace, Jan Spencer Granite, Wash.  
1976  Milwaukee, WI  Frank Aasand, Paddy Hankey, Ray Morgan, Vicky Aasand  Grafton, N.D.  
1975  Chicago, IL  Neil Collins, Sandy Robarge, Roger Robarge, Elaine Collins  Wausau, Wis.