College Curling USA has two primary goals; growing the sport of curling by encouraging new curlers to enter the sport during their college years, engaging existing young curlers who enter college and otherwise might lose interest and drop out of the sport, and promoting the development of curling clubs in a college/university environment by encouraging these clubs to meet and compete against each other on a regular basis. To facilitate these goals, College Curling USA is available to assist any college or university in promoting their school's activities and coordinate the annual U.S. College Curling National Championships.

College Curling USA promotes the long-term goal of transitioning college curling to a varsity level sport at schools where it is appropriate to do so and eventual NCAA recognition.

College Curling USA strongly urges that its participants belong to a curling club that is formally recognized by their college or university. In general, that means that they have a faculty advisor and have applied to and been accepted by the governing body at their school that covers on campus student clubs.

In the 2012-13 season, more than 200 curlers from 36 colleges or universities participated in College Curling USA sanctioned events.

Gordon Maclean is the chairman of the USCA College Curling Committee.

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