Position:    Skip
 Delivers:    Both left & right
 Born:    April 10, 1940, in Medford, Mass.
 Hometown:    Glenburn, Maine
 Occupation:    Alpha One - Independent Living Specialist
 Education:    Two years of college
 Family:    Married to Elaine (in 1963); three sons - Eric, Scott and Ryan; eight grandchildren
 Year started curling:    2001

Curling Highlights:

  • Paralympic Winter Games:  2006 (8th)
  • World Wheelchair Championships: 2004 (5th), 2002 (5th)
  • National Wheelchair Championship 2004 (2nd), 2003 (champion)

About Wes Smith:

Curls out of:  Belfast Curling Club

Volunteer work:  Wes has dedicated more than 23 years of service providing recreational opportunities for children and adults with and without disabilities.

He coordinates and oversees a monthly Youth in Motion program with games and sports for children in wheelchairs. A unique part of this program is that it also offers wheelchairs for non-disabled family members and friends to use so that they can participate in the activities on the same level as the children.  Wes also coordinates, coaches and participates on a local recreational wheelchair basketball team; coordinates and participates in a local sled hockey program, coordinates a monthly Physical Disability Support and Information Group; is a member of and ambassador for Maine's State Wheelchair Tennis Team, and serves on two United Way committees.  The athletic complex in Wes's hometown was dedicated in his honor for the years of service that h put in as the first recreation director, and for creating and starting new programs for the town's youth and adults.

Other favorite sports:  Wheelchair basketball, tennis, and sled hockey.  Also enjoys kayaking and bowling.  He is a member and ambassador of Maine's State Wheelchair Tennis Team.

Nickname:  Wes

Hobbies:  Wes enjoys collecting Ted Williams memorabilia, autographs, and coins.  He also enjoys playing chess, solving logic puzzles, and doing yard work.  Wes also enjoys creating ways to be able to move things around or do things while still in his wheelchair.

Favorite books/things to read:  Inspirational and motivational books, local newspaper and Readers Digest.