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Position Second
Delivers Left-handed
Born December 26, 1988
Hometown Wausau, Wis.
Occupation Student
Family Single
Year started curling  
Height 5 feet, 4 inches
  • U.S. Junior National Championships: 2008 (8th), 2007 (5th), 2006 (8th)
  • Wisconsin Junior Women's Championship: 2008 (runner-up), 2007 (champion), 2006 (runner-up), 2005
  • Badger State Games gold medal in junior girls division
  • Wisconsin Badger Ladies Bonspiel: 2006 (champion)


About Jacque Sirianni:

Curls out of: Wausau Curling Club

Curling start: "I got started in curling by my dad and brother who curled and they both encouraged me to at least give it a try. When I did try it, I fell in love with it."

What she enjoys most about curling: "I enjoy getting to know people who enjoy curling as much as I do."

Other sports: "I enjoy playing volleyball and golfing, but I love watching football, hockey, baseball and basketball."

Curling goals: "My goals are to some day go to the Olympics and some day have an eight-ender."

Career goals: "My career goals in life would be to become a pediatrician. If that doesn't happen then I would like to do something in the psychology field."

Something unique: "I am right-eye dominant but left-handed. I also tend to do a lot of things right-handed."

Funniest curling story: "An interesting experience that's happened to me was once I was curling in a game and the gum I was chewing fell out of my mouth onto the ice. I have also done this with candy, however, I learned my lesson and I don't eat candy or chew gum on the ice anymore."