Position:    Skip
 Teammates:    Alex Leichter, Nate Clark, Stephen Dropkin
 Delivers:    Right-handed
 Born:    March 18, 1985, in Bismarck, ND
 Hometown:    Bismarck, ND
 Occupation:    Student
 Education:    Princeton University
 Family:    Single
 Year started curling:    1993
 Height:    6 feet
 Weight:    165 pounds
  • U.S. National Championships: 2007 (6th)

  • World Junior Championships: 2006 (9th)

  • U.S. Junior National Championships: 2006 (champion), 2005 (5th), 2003 (2nd), 2002 (5th), 2001 (5th)

  • Junior Nationals All-Star Team: 2006 (vice skip), 2005 (skip)

  • Minnesota State Junior Playdowns: 2006 (champion)

  • GNCC Junior Playdowns: 2005 (champion)

  • North Dakota Junior Playdowns

  • North Dakota State High School Championships: 5-time champion

  • Worked as an official at the 2002 World Curling Championships

About Matt Mielke:

Curls out of: Capital Curling Club in Bismarck, N.D.

Curling start: "I've been around curling my entire life. I've heard stories that I was out on the ice while in the womb. My dad has been very active in curling at all levels, and he is the reason for my involvement and for all of my success."

What he enjoys most about the sport of curling: "I most enjoy the competitive aspect of curling, but in recent years, I've also come to cherish working with younger kids. I used to be a 'rink rat,' and I feel an obligation to help out the current ones just as I was mentored. Ultimately, I hope to represent the United States in the Olympic Games, but that will have to wait until after college. I would also enjoy coaching in the future."

In his own words: "Outside of curling, I play soccer, disc golf, and poker. After finishing at Princeton, I presume that I will continue my education with the aim of eventually entering into some sort of biological research or the medical field."