Position:    Alternate
 Teammates:    Patrick McDonald, Steven EmtJimmy Joseph, Penny Greely
 Age:    30
 Hometown/Resides:    East Falmouth, Mass
 Year started curling:    2009
 Delivers:    Left-handed

Curling Highlights:

  • Paralympic Winter Games: 2014 (5th)
  • World Wheelchair Championship: 2015, 2013 (4th)
  • Kathy Kerr Bonspiel:  2012

About Meghan:

Curls out of: Cape Cod Curling Club

Curling start:  A friend introduced her at a fundraising event held at the Cape Cod Curling Club

Other sports she enjoys:  Basketball, tennis, swimming

Curling career highlight:  Makeing Team USA.  "That's top notch right now."

Favorite TV Show:  WWE WRestling, anything on the Food Network, crime shows

Hobbies:  Fishing, kayaking, hand-cycling, swimming, spending time with famiy

Curling strengths: "I'm a good teammate, very positive.  I've always been a positive person growing up. I've never thought of the negative side."