Position Vice skip
Delivers Right-handed
Born July 13, 1966, in Ames, Iowa
Hometown Esko, Minn.
Occupation Creative Services Manager at WDIO/WIRT TV
Family Married, two sons
Year started curling 1982
Height 6 feet, 2 inches
Weight 175 pounds
Education Bachelor's degree in speech communication and broadcasting from the University of Minnesota
  • U.S. National Club Championships: 2006 (champion),

  • U.S. National Championships: 2004, 1997

  • Wisconsin State Men's Playdown: 1997 (champion), 1996, 1995, 1994

  • Minnesota State Men's Playdown: 2006 (champion), 2005 (runner-up), 2004 (5th), 2003, 2001, 1999, 1998

  • USCA Men's Second Chance: 2004 (qualified for Nationals), 2002, 1995

  • National Olympic Qualifier: 1997

  • Duluth Curling Club Champion: 2001, 2002 (as skip)

  • Winnipeg Hydro Trophy in MCA winner: 1994 (as vice skip)

About Jeff Laundergan:

Curls out of: Duluth Curling Club


Nickname: Bags


Curling start: "High school friends of mine brought me down to the Duluth Curling Club. An older gentleman named Bill Bradley was teaching kids how to curl. It wasn't anything real organized or official. He was just volunteering his time."


What he enjoys most about curling: "I enjoy traveling and meeting other curlers and fans of the sport."


Other sports: Golf, softball, downhill skiing


Curling goals: "To compete on the World and/or Olympic stage and to teach my sons to play and love the game as much as I do."


Training: "I have no routines or set schedule. I practice as often as my home life and job will allow. Plus, I try to stay in shape year-round with other activities."


Curling strengths: "I understand the strategies of the game. I read ice well, and I am consistent calling the house."


Favorite curling memory: "In 1994, I traveled to Winnipeg with Dave Running (skip), Jeff Heikkila (second) and Mark Dowd (lead) to play the MCA. We ended up spending seven days and six nights up there, went 14-2, and won the Winnipeg Hydro Trophy. The best part was our lead had played less than 10 games in his life."