Position Second
Greg Eigner, Chris Goldsmith, Richard Maskel
Delivers Right-handed
Born March 5, 1958, in Virginia, Minn.
Hometown Junction City, Wis.
Occupation Industrial hygienist for Sentry Insurance
Family Married
Year started curling 1968
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight 190 pounds
Education Bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • Nationals Playdowns: 2006, 2005
  • U.S. Men's Second Chance: 2000
  • Wisconsin State Men's Playdowns

About Dwayne Jacobson:

Curls out of: Stevens Point (Wis.) Curling Club

Curling start: "I started curling at the Buhl, Minnesota, Curling Club in 1968 at the age of 10. The club had an event for children in the area. I liked it right from the start. I just plain enjoy throwing stones. I have been in the playdown circuit for 12 of the last 14 years. It has been a great experience to be a leader of this team."

Curling strengths: "I am a good leader, listener, and supporter of my teammates. I give positive feedback to my teammates most of the time. I also realize that this is a subtle game and that to be great at this it requires a team effort. Another strength is my ability to focus on every shot."

Training regime: "My training regime is practicing at least every other day. I focus on line, release and then on speed of the shots."

About his job: "Currently I am a certified industrial hygienist. My career is an industrial hygienist for Sentry Insurance. I travel across the United States visiting workplaces. Basically, I investigate workplace conditions to ensure that workers are protected from chemical, noise and other physical exposures. My profession is dedicated to the safety and health of workers. My career goal is to establish a premier industrial hygiene/safety consulting firm."

Hobbies: Antique car restoration including a large inventory of Studebaker parts. He owns a 1956 Studebaker Hawk. He is an amateur poet and attends a monthly poetry circle. He plans on publishing a book of 50 poems in the near future.