Position Coach
Delivers Right-handed
Born March 27, 1958, in Ashland, Wis.
Hometown Columbia Heights, Minn.
Occupation Slumberland Furniture in Little Canada, Minn.
Family Married, 4 children (Michael, Jeremy, Jessica, Justin), 2 grandsons
Year started curling 1977
Height 6 feet
Weight 195 pounds


  • U.S. Olympic Team - Curling: 2002 (7th), 1998 (semifinalist - (4th) in first-ever full medal curling competition, held in Karuizawa, Japan)
  • U.S. Men's Nationals: 2003, 2000, 1999 (champion), '98, '97, 96 (champion), '95, '93 (semifinalist)
  • Men's Worlds: 1999, 1995 (4th both years);1996 (6th)
  • U.S. Olympic Trials - Curling: 2001 (champion), 1997 (champion); 1987 (finalist)
  • Men's Second Chance: 2003 (champion, A qualifier)
  • Minnesota State Men's Championships: 2003 (third)
  • Wisconsin State Men’s Championships: 1995, ‘93 (champion both years)
  • #1 ranked team 1995 - 1999

John Gordon began his curling career at age 19.  He has four brothers and three sisters.  He also enjoys cooking all kinds of foods, playing basketball, golf, baseball, and bocce ball.  He enjoys spending time camping with his family.

Favorites: "Pizza, fishing, golf, war movies, camping, collecting baseball cards."

I can't live without: "My wife and family, Wheaties and Jammers."

Good luck charm: "I have a lucky rock my son, Mike, made for me in Sunday school.  It's a plain rock with a cross painted on it."

Heroes: "Vince Lombardi, Pete Rose, Mohammed Ali, God and Jesus."

Before every game: "Try to get a good night's sleep, eat the right kinds of foods, and say our prayers."

What I want to tell the world about curling: "Curling is a game that you can play your entire life. It is also a fun game for family and friends to enjoy."

Training: "I practice two to three hours a day.  My workout includes weightlifting, swimming and biking. And I golf at least once a week for concentration exercises."