Position:    Lead
 Teammates:    Joey Bonfoey, Ted Trolson, Joe Dietz
 Delivers:    Right-handed
 Born:    April 2, 1980, in Grand Rapids, Minn.
 Hometown:    Mankato, Minn.
 Occupation:    Student at Minnesota State - Mankato; employed with Neighbor's Italian Bistro
 Year started curling:    1989

Curling Highlights:

  • U.S. Junior National Championships: 2011 (silver)
  • Wisconsin Junior Playdowns: 2001 (champion), 2000 (runner-up)
  • Minnesota Junior Playdowns: 1998 (runner-up)
  • U.S. Club Naitonal Championships: 2005, 2004

My dad used to make the ice and the Grand Rapids club.  I was riding rocks by the age of 2, so needless to say, curling has been a huge part of my life.  This is the best game the good lord ever could have created.  I imagine heaven being filled with curling ice in tropical temperatures.

Who/What introduced you to Curling?
My Father

Who was your favourite athlete growing up?
Colby Jones

What other sports do you play?
Soccer, Golf, Pogs, Jacks, D&D, Hopscotch

What is your career highlight to date?
Losing to the immortal Andy Roza Rink.

What is one shot you would like to try one more time?
Every draw I've ever thrown

What is the best advice you've ever received?
The importance of "Quiet Confidence"

What is your favourite sport other than curling?

What is one thing you'd like to do before you die?
Make the Draw

What sporting event would you most like to attend?
The World Cup

What do yo wish you were better at?

Person dead or alive you would most like to have dinner with?
Archbishop Desmond Tutt

Favourite Bands/Music? Television Shows?
Band: Trampled by Turtles; TV: Weeds

What is your favorite Movie(s)?
Matrix Trilogy

Who was most influential in your curling development?
It's a tie My Father; Bill Dotlich; Mike Fraboni

What is your most embarrassing moment on the curling ice?
Every time I have to throw a draw

Where would you like to spend a week's vacation?

What hobbies do you have?
Sleeping, Darts

What is your earliest curling memory?
Riding rocks at Grand Rapids club

Any nicknames?
Carly; Dumb-A**, Rake

Curling Strengths? Weaknesses?
Strengths: I'm scrappy (usually don't get blown out.)
Weekness: uhm.... Drawing

What kind of goals have you set for yourself?
Only the highest.

Do others in your family curl?

What do you enjoy most about curling?
Beating Brownie, that and the comraderie

What is your education background?
Working on that.

Other Olympic sports you'd like to try?

Most memorable curling experience?
Beating Brownie

Who is your greatest competitor? Rival?
Randy Cumming

Favorite colour?

Favorite Book?
Ghost Soldiers