Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board: Rich Lepping (WI)

Vice chairwoman of the Board: Courtney Schmidt (GLCA)

Treasurer: Vic Huebner

Secretary: Gordon Maclean

Secretary General: Rick Patzke

Board members (region, term ending):

AAC=Athletes' Advisory Council; WCF=World Curling Federation; USWCA=United States Women's Curling Association

USOC & WCF Representatives

United States Olympic Committee (USOC):

  • USCA representatives: Rick Patzke & Rich Lepping
  • USCA representative to the USOC AAC: Dean Gemmell
  • USCA representative to the USOC AAC alternate: Cassie Potter (term ending 1/2017)

World Curling Federation (WCF):

  • USCA representatives: Jennifer Stannard (2017), Mark Swandby (2019)*, Leland Rich (2018)*, Beau Welling (2018)
*voice, no vote