Welcome Race Organizers!

Thank you for all of your dedication and support in organizing slalom events. As race organizers ourselves, we know how tough it is.

The USACK Events Committee is currently soliciting bids for major events during 2014. The events we would like to place are:

  • Age-Group Nationals

  • Junior Olympics

  • U.S. National Championships

  • Fall 2014: Junior/U23 Team Trials for 2015 Worlds (pending confirmation by ICF of Junior/U23 Worlds in April in Brazil)

If you would like to bid on an event, please fill out the 2014 Official Bid Application and return to the events committee (usackevents AT gmail DOT com) by November 1We will publish the venues and dates for these races by November 15. This should leave race organizers with ample time to schedule the smaller races. Our goal is to have the full race calendar up by the end of the year, including the selection procedure and races for your regional teams.

To assist you with choosing dates for your events, international events already scheduled in 2014 are:

  • March: Junior/U23 Team Trials

  • March 29-30: Senior Team Trials
  • April 23-27: Junior/U23 World Championships, Australia

  • June 6-8: World Cup #1 GBR

  • June 13-15: World Cup #2 Slovenia

  • June 20-22: World Cup #3, Czech R.

  • July 19/20: ECA Junior Cup, Slovenia

  • July 26-27: ECA Junior Cup, Germany

  • July 30/Aug 1: ECA Junior Cup: Czech R

  • August 6-10: World Cup #4, Spain

  • August 15-17: World Cup Final, Augsburg

  • August 16-17: ECA Junior Cup, Slovakia

  • August 23/24: ECA Junior Cup, Poland

  • September 9-21: Canoe Slalom World Championships, Deep Creek, MD

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Thank you again for your hard work!

Russ Huff, Karla Westcott, Michelle Kvanli, and Dana Chladek

USACK Slalom Events Committee