Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the hours for transportation?

The first shuttle leaves at 4:30a and the last pickup is at 10:30p.

  1. What do I do if I will be arriving outside of transportation/front desk hours?

You can call a taxi at 719-634-5000 to deliver you to the OTC.  Upon your arrival, you should be given a key to a room by Security.  The following morning, please go to the front desk to check in.

  1. Where will the shuttle pickup and deliver from?

The shuttle will pick up passengers from outside of the Gold Room when delivering from the OTC.

Shuttles will take passengers to and from the Colorado Springs airport only (not Denver).

  1. How do I reserve a shuttle to the airport?

Sign up at the front desk at least 48 hours in advance.  Or, if you have turned in your information to the contact for your sport then they should have already passed that on to transportation.  You can verify this information at the front desk. 

  1. How do I find out what time my shuttle leaves for the airport?

The night before your departure the shuttle list will be at the front desk at about 5 pm.  Look for your name and delivery time.

  1. My luggage was late and was supposed to be delivered to the OTC.  Where would I find it after they have delivered it?

When luggage is delivered from the airport, it is stored in the luggage room at the front desk.

  1. When are there tours?

Tours are on the hour from 9-4 Monday through Saturday.

  1. When is the Spirit Store open?

From 9-6 every day, and 11-6 on Sundays.

  1. When is the front desk open?

The front desk opens at 7am on weekdays and is open all night.  On weekends, the front desk opens at 7:30a and closes at 10:30p.

  1. Is there wireless internet in the dorms and is there a password for it?

There is wireless in the dorms, but no password is required.

  1. Are there computers and printers available?

There are computers in the athlete center and they print to a printer in the lobby.  These are available to athletes and staff.

  1. Can I fax something?

The fax machine is the same as the printer in the lobby of the athlete center.  Long-distance faxes can be sent out from the machine as well.  To fax anything off complex, first dial 9.  If the fax is long distance, dial 9, then 1 and the area code and then the number.

  1. How do I make and receive calls?

To make a local call from your room, dial 9 and then the number.  For long distance calls you will need to use a calling card. 

There should be a 4 digit code on your room phone.  This is your extension.  If someone wants to call you from on complex or from a different dorm room, they can just dial those 4 numbers.  If they are calling from off-complex, they will dial 719-866- and then your extension.

  1. When is the dining room open?

The dining room is open from 7am - 10:45a for breakfast, from 11am -2:30pm the hot line is available and the grill continues to be available until 3:45pm.  The hot line opens again for dinner at 4pm-8:30pm.

  1. What do I do if there is a problem with my room?

Inform the front desk and they will put in a work request for you.

  1. What is the phone number/location of Sports Med/Training Room and what are their hours?  Who can use the Sports Medicine clinic?

Sports Med's extension is 4554.  They are located in the building attached to the south end of Sports Center 1.  Sports Med is open weekdays from 8a-6p and Saturdays normally 12p-2p.  The Sports Medicine clinic is closed on Sundays.  Sports Med staff will also attend practices as scheduled.  All residents and short-term athletes who stay on complex or have meal cards for the dining room can visit the Sports Med clinic.  Athletes who only have access to their practice facility will be attended by a trainer at their practice session if injured.

  1. What is the phone number/location of the Recovery Center and what are their hours?  Who can use the Recovery Center? 

The Recovery Center extension is 4176.  They are located in Building 21 just south of Sports Medicine.  Their hours are 12p-8p on weekdays and 11:30a-3p on Saturday.  The Recovery Center is closed on Sunday.  Only residents and National Team Members have access to the Recovery Center.

  1. What do I need to bring if I stay in the dorms?

You will want to bring your own toiletries.  The bathrooms are located centrally for each gender on each floor in the dorms.  Some athletes like to bring shower shoes.  Towels and sheets are provided.

  1. What recreational equipment is available and where do I play?

Basketballs are available at the front desk for checkout.  There is an outdoor court between the dorm buildings.  If the weather does not permit outdoor use, you can ask at the front desk if there is a gym available where you can play.  Pool equipment can also be checked out at the front desk.  There is a pool table in dorm 85 1st floor that campers can use.

  1. Where can I do my laundry here?  Where do I get the soap?  How much does it cost?

There are laundry rooms on the 2nd floor of dorms 83, 85, & 87.  Laundry detergent is available in these laundry rooms for 50 cents.  There is an additional laundry room on the 1st floor of 85, but there is no soap dispenser in that laundry room.  There is no charge to wash or dry clothes in the dorms even if there is a coin slot for the machine.  In resident dorms 8 and 10 the laundry rooms are in the basement only.  The laundry room in building 10 has soap for sale in a dispenser.  There is no soap dispenser in building 8.

  1. What items are available at the front desk?

Irons and alarm clocks can be checked out at the front desk.  Stamps *Shampoo is also available.

  1. Can I check out a movie?

Movies are available via DVD machine in the athlete center lobby.  A credit or debit card is required for check-out.

  1. How often is my room cleaned and what is done to it?

Short term dorm rooms - 85 & 87

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday: Trash is taken out and if sink is cleared off/accessible, sink will be cleaned.  Sheets are changed once a week if guests are in the room for less than 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks, guests are considered more long-term and are responsible for cleaning their own linens.  Towels are changed every Tuesday and Thursday.

Short-term visitors staying in resident dorms -8,10,& 83

Trash is removed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If bathroom is accessible/ cleared off, bathrooms are cleaned once a week.  The common areas (not bedrooms) are vacuumed once a week as well.  Sheets are changed once a week if guests are in the room for less than 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks, guests are considered more long-term and are responsible for cleaning their own linens. 


Trash is removed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If bathroom is accessible/ cleared off, bathrooms are cleaned once a week.  The common areas (not bedrooms) are vacuumed once a week as well.  Residents are responsible for cleaning their own linens.

Intern Rooms

Trash is taken out 3 times a week and sink is cleaned if cleared off.  Any linens that are left by the trash cans should be removed and replaced by new ones.  Interns are responsible for putting the sheets on the bed. 

24.   What do I do if I need to receive mail at the Olympic Training Center?

Be sure that the letter/ package/ or special delivery has your name at the top.  If there is the option of additional information, please put your sport or if you are a resident athlete, put "Resident athlete" and then our address as listed below.

For example:
John Doe                                                    John Doe
Archery                                                      Resident athlete
One Olympic Plaza                                      One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909                     Colorado Springs, CO 8090 9

25.  How do I know if I received a letter or package at the training center?

If you have mail, your name will be on the white board at the front desk where you check in.  Mail is usually posted on the board about 2p each day. 

26.  How do I mail something out at the OTC?

Stamps are available at the front desk as well as a mail drop.  The last pickup for the mail drop is about 2p Monday through Friday.  If you need to mail a package, shipping and receiving is located across the parking lot from the Visitor's Center on the back side of building 4e.  They can weigh your package and send it out. They accept cash, check or Visa.  They are open for personal mail from 8am-9:30am and 12:30p-3p Monday through Friday.  If a package arrives between 8am to 12p on Saturday, it will be delivered to the Athlete Center.  If the package arrives after noon on Saturday, it will be delivered the following Monday. 

27.   Is there a lost and found where I could check for something I left?

Housekeeping turns in items that were left in the dorms to the front desk at the Athlete Center.  Items that were left elsewhere on complex (cubbies by dining room/locker rooms etc.) are not generally gathered together in a lost and found.

If items are left on the pool deck they go into a storage room that Aquatics Staff can check for you.  If items are left in the pool locker rooms there is a separate bin in each  locker room for found items.

Gyms and locker rooms in Sports Center 1 & 2

Call 719-866-4509 if an item was left in the gyms or locker rooms.


Call 719-866-4618 if an item was lost while on a tour.


Call 719-866-4496 if an item was left at the pool or in the pool locker rooms.


Call 719-866-4444 if an item was left in the dorms or athlete center.

Strength and conditioning/ weight room

Call 719-866-4594 if an item was left in the strength and conditioning/ weight room.

28.   Are there refrigerators in the dorm rooms?