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MEDEX Travel Assistance Program

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is partnered with MEDEX Global Group to bring travel assistance and insurance services to the USOC family traveling away from their home country.  MEDEX Plus, MEDEX Safetrip, and TravMed Abroad are available to athletes and their families.

Athletes enrolled in the Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program (EAHI) automatically receive MEDEX Plus coverage with no purchase necessary.  This comprehensive program provides travel assistance, as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation for any location in the world.  If you are enrolled in the EAHI program and no longer have your MEDEX ID card, please contact your EAHI Administrator.

MEDEX SafeTrip and TravMed Abroad
If you are not enrolled in the Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program and would like to purchase travel and insurance coverage for your family, or are concerned about high deductibles in your plan, either the MEDEX SafeTrip or TravMed Abroad program may be right for you.  Available for a nominal fee, these programs provide the same quality of travel and medical assistance as is offered to enrollees in the EAHI program.

Requests for MEDEX Plus, SafeTrip, or TravMed Abroad coverage must go through your respective National Governing Body.  You may contact the EAHI Administrator for further information on this program at 800-933-4473, ext. 3, or by email at