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Endorsement Guidelines 

I. Review and Approval  
The Amateur Sports Act of 1978 grants the United States Olympic Committee sole authority over all Olympic-related associations, including terminology, symbols, medals, uniforms and Olympic footage (marketing material containing Olympic-related associations shall hereafter be referred to as having an "Olympic Theme" or "Olympic Theme Marketing"). Inherent in this designation is the right to review all commercial proposals with an Olympic Theme. All proposals should be submitted to the USOC for review and approval at the following address:  
Linda Kilis, Marketing Dept.
Integration & Standards
United States Olympic Committee
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909          

Kris Woolley, Marketing Dept. Brand 
Integration & Standards
United States Olympic Committee
1 Olympic Plaza 
Colorado Springs, CO 80909


II. Endorsement for Olympic Sponsors  
Olympic sponsors have made significant contributions to the Olympic Movement for the right to use an Olympic theme in their marketing programs. The USOC actively encourages these sponsors to use athletes in their Olympic marketing programs. Should a sponsor use an athlete, the sponsor will provide financial remuneration to the athlete. Beginning in 1997, the USOC will require a contractual clause requesting "best efforts" for sponsors to use athletes (Olympians, hopefuls and Pan American Games participants) to depict Olympic sports activity in their advertising and promotional programs.  

III. Endorsements for Entities which are Competitive to Olympic Sponsors  
As a matter of policy, Olympic-Theme Marketing is reserved solely for Olympic sponsors who have made significant contributions to the U.S. Olympic Team. Understandably, the USOC will not approve any Olympic-Theme Marketing in conjunction with competitors to Olympic sponsors. Use of Olympic-Theme Marketing by such competitors is strictly prohibited and enforced by the USOC.  

IV. Endorsements for Entities which are Non-Competitive to Olympic Sponsors  
For entities which are non-competitive to Olympic sponsors, the USOC will review and approve your opportunity to use Olympic biographical references (television, radio, print advertising) provided those references are specific to the athlete and balanced with other appropriate non-Olympic biographical material. 
Except as provided above, in no instance will the USOC approve the conveyance of an Olympic Theme in relation to the entity and its products and/or services. 

V. Non-Commercial Endeavors  
The USOC supports U.S. athletes through fund raising efforts. Other philanthropic organizations may not use an Olympic Theme for any fund raising purposes. Athlete involvement with such organizations is limited to Olympic biographical references specific to the athlete. An Olympic theme may not be used in connection with an athlete's involvement with political organizations and activities.  

VI. Eligibility Issues  
All athlete commercial opportunities should be reviewed by the relevant National Governing Body to ensure current and future eligibility of active athletes is not jeopardized. 

VII. Reproduction and Sale of Athlete Likeness for Commercial Purposes  
Ownership of rights to an athlete likeness (such as a photograph copyright) with an Olympic Theme (with the exception of a biographical reference) does not imply a right to sell the reproduction for commercial purposes. Any sale of such reproductions for commercial purposes is prohibited unless authorized by the USOC.  

VIII. Complaint Procedure  
If you believe your commercial endeavor has been unfairly rejected or you believe your endeavor is not being handled in a timely manner, you may request the assistance of the Athletes' Advisory Council's ("AAC") Commercial Rights Committee or the USOC Athlete Ombudsman at the following addresses:  
Mark Henderson 
AAC Chair
Vice President
JP Morgan Securities
Japanese Equities
Work: 415-315-5067
Cell:  415-706-4675

John Ruger
Athlete Ombudsman
2102 Kalmia Circle
Boulder CO 80304
888.ATHLETE or 303.444.6615
The AAC and/or the Athlete Ombudsman will investigate your complaint in a timely manner. In the event that the Commercial Rights Committee determines that your complaint has merit, they will present it to the USOC Executive Committee for final resolution.