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The United States Olympic Committee's Athlete Speaker's Referral Network

As members of what can be called a true All-American Team, Olympians, Paralympians, and elite athletes representing the United States on the world's stage have the characteristics and background that make them a great addition to any event.

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has created the Athlete Speaker's Referral Network as a service to America's finest athletes and the general public alike. This network provides a vehicle for the general public to request athlete speakers from the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Families for their events.

All negotiations between the requestor and the athlete speaker will be independent of any involvement by the USOC. The USOC will be blind copied on the first request sent to an athlete speaker by the requestor in order to monitor how often the Athlete Speaker's Referral Network is used. The USOC may have some involvement if the request is made by a USOC sponsor. If athletes are not responsive to speaking request(s) posted through this network, or should the USOC receive negative feedback from requestors about an athlete, the USOC has the discretion to remove an athlete from the network at any time.

To become a member of the Athlete Speaker's Referral Network, simply click on the link below for a bio page that is to be completed and submitted for review by the USOC. After the USOC reviews the completed bio form for typographical errors and inappropriate content, the bio is launched into the database of speakers accessed by the public via

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If you have any questions about the Athlete Speaker's Referral Network, please contact the USOC at 1-800-717-7555.